Russia and China having endless fun with weak, Jew-loving, Jew-infested, brain-damaged, asshole Biden


I see that China is still sending planes over Taiwan. And Russia’s making lots of moves. But rest assured, especially with China and Taiwan – That stuff will never happen. NEVER.

All this is just sabre rattling. And I suspect the goal is to put the USA under pressure and in the heat of the moment to see what concessions the dumb White house under dumb, brain-dead, retarded Joe Biden will make.

I am quite certain that China will never invade Taiwan.

As for Putin invading the Ukraine … he may want the Ukraine, but is he willing to go to war with 43 million Whites? He did seize the Crimea. And he was determined about that.

But I don’t think he’s keen to actually fight a war over the Ukraine.

I’ll be most surprised if he invades it.

As for the Europeans, they’re not interested in any of this American Liberal/Jewish crap.

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