Rich Jew’s son tortures his Ukrainian model girlfriend for hours, murders her, drinks her blood

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[People were passing this around on the social media saying this is a Jew. I couldn’t find websites calling him a Jew, but his father is stinking rich and his name does have a definite Jewish ring to it. The whole story is utterly sickening and disgusting beyond belief. This spoilt brat was a failure and living off a “mere” $18,000 PER MONTH from his daddy. I’m putting links to some news stories about this. I truly hope this piece of shit gets the death sentence.

I’m very saddened when I think of Dylann Roof’s Death Sentence. He’s a hero. Now here is a true criminal piece of shit Jew … and let’s see if the Jew ever gets the death sentence or if he gets off the hook or derives some other benefit.

But everything he did to this girl, was also in a book that he wrote. This is someone with a sick mind. Jan]

The Ukranian model who was murdered – he drank her blood

Here are links to some stories about it:

Model ‘scalped and drained of blood’ in murder unprecedented ‘outside wartime’, reveals LA autopsy

Blake Leibel: Comic book writer accused of torture and murder of girlfriend created graphic novel containing similar crime

Blake Leibel Wiki: Net Worth, Girlfriend, Murder, Crime Scene, & 5 Facts to Know

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