Rhodesia to Zimbabwe: IMF: White Genocide has Decivilized Africa


[This is a very interesting article from The Daily Stormer. What annoys me though is that the Jews and their Liberal Elite scum do everything they can to protect these black communists like Mugabe, Mandela and others whom they worked to get into power. 5 countries that were ruled by whites: Angola, Mozambique, (German) South West Africa (Namibia), Rhodesia and South Africa were all shattered by Jewish communism sponsored by the Soviet Union and Communist China. All I can conclude is that the goal is to ensure that the whites in Africa NEVER rise again – the same way the Jews don’t want the Germans and Japanese to rise again. No matter what happens, any means will be sought to keep the black communist scum in power AIDED AND ASSISTED BY THE USA AND BRITAIN – two white nations always keen to do the bidding of the Jews! Jan]

In a recent report, the International Monetary Fund has concluded that after three decades of Black rule, central South Africa has been reduced to a near primitive state. Some formerly civilized countries in the region, like Zimbabwe, are effectively 95% unemployed. Forbes even likened the economic conditions to the ancient city-state of Ur.

The bleak economic decline is the result of one atrocity: White genocide.


Zimbabwe’s economy is facing difficulties. A severe drought and slow reform revenues. With limited access to foreign inflows, the ensuing fiscal imbalances have become unsustainable.

Translation: The Black proto-state economy is at a near standstill. There are no more Whites for Blacks to steal from and the bills are long past due.

You can read the rest of the article here as well as see the photos: https://www.dailystormer.com/imf-white-genocide-has-decivilized-africa/

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