Rhodesia & South Africa: Can Sound kill? Can it be used in War?

Over the years I’ve heard or read about rumours and concepts that sound can be used in war. But I’ve never come across any firm examples.

I was reading today about claims by America that some kind of "sonic" weapon was used against their diplomats in Cuba, but they found no evidence to back it up.

Years ago, I heard that during Apartheid there were experiments with helicopters I think and some means of immobilizing a crowd using sound. But I never came across anything physical – any real examples.

Some months ago I was reading a Rhodesian military book where one of the most creative guys in the Rhodesian air force discussed his thoughts on using sound in warfare. He said that he read an article about an experiment that was conducted, possibly by the French, who were experimenting with sound, and a team of technicians or scientists dropped dead. The Rhodesian went on to describe how he thought a lethal sonic weapon could be created. The idea he proposed was very strange. But given his previous successes in other weapons development, I suspect he was on to something.

However, I have never come across any examples of lethal sonic weapons in any war at any time.

It seems that low frequency sounds are where there could be possible lethal effects.

I suspect that military scientists and technicians know much more about this topic but that this topic is very sensitive and thus nothing is further said about it.

Interestingly, sonic weapons are much more powerful in WATER than in AIR because of its density.

If anyone comes across anything interesting regarding sonic weapons I would be interested.

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