REVEALED: The JEW who rigged America’s 2020 Presidential Election: Michael Podhorzer

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[So if you want to know who was the key person who rigged America's 2020 Presidential election, well, here he is below: Michael Podhorzer. On wikipedia he is listed under the category of 20th Century Jews and 21st Century Jews. That he was the key man, who rigged the US Presidential election is not even a secret. They write about it openly. Jan]

Before we get to the details, here are some points from wikipedia.

This is his wikipedia page:

It turns out he is "progressive", which is just a modern word to hide that he’s a Leftist or a Communist. He is high ranking in AFL-CIO: The American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations is the largest federation of unions in the United States. It is made up of 56 national and international unions, together representing more than 12 million active and retired workers.

His particular speciality is using computer systems ("data driven") in election campaigns. He’s known as "a Wizard" and his methods are even mentioned in a book written by a Jewish journalist in 2013: "Podhorzer’s influence on using data-driven strategies in electoral campaigns is discussed in Sasha Issenberg’s 2013 book The Victory Lab: The Secret Science of Winning Campaigns.[10][11]"

But here’s the kicker. Even dumb wikipedia tells you that people know he was the key architect in messing with the 2020 Presidential Election: "A 4 February 2021 article by Molly Ball in TIME credited Podhorzer as "the architect" of a "shadow campaign that saved the 2020 Election."[12]"

And, as was pointed out when I published the TIME article in 2021, when they say "saved the election" they mean, when they RIGGED the election so Biden would win.

But below, you’ll see more. Anyway, here is a photo of the Jewish Election Thief Architect:

The article below is from the Gatestone Institute which is Liberal. So they’re not out to whack the Jew. But they simply point out that this behind-the-scenes Jew, is perfectly positioned to do everything needed to rig the election. They point out that he not only has enormous computing power at his fingertips, which he is "a wizard" at using, but he also has access to MILLIONS of people on the ground who can be organised and used during the election. They tell you that this Jew is the key player in the election rigging, in the same way wikipedia does. Read it carefully below. It also speaks of "Dark Money" and that a staggering $410 million was also spent.

But as with the vast majority of Jews, nothing will happen to him. He is protected by the other Jews. I suspect that the Jews in the supreme court also helped to kill off Trump’s attempts at proving the election rigging. So since "officially" the 2020 election was … er… "Free and Fair" … there’s no crime committed and it’s all good. And the Jews carry on as if nothing at all happened in the USA!

This is very likely the key person, who conceived the idea of rigging the election and had the means and motivation to pull it off – AND GET AWAY WITH IT! Shades of 911 and many other Jewish scams in America!

Are Secret ‘Puppeteers’ Still Directing American Public Policy?*
by Lawrence Kadish
February 4, 2022 at 3:30 pm

Over the years much has made about the lobbyists and advisors who prowl the corridors of power in Washington D.C. Many seek publicity profiles in the hope it will convince potential clients and countries that they have high-level "access." Others cultivate their cable news appearances as pundits and commentators, relishing the limelight.

Yet what we have come to learn over time that the greater the media exposure, the less these individuals play a role in actually affecting the nation’s policies and politics.

Consider the role of Michael Podhorzer.

According to published reports, Mr. Podhorzer is a long time senior advisor to the president of the AFL-CIO, one of the most powerful labor federations in the nation. There are some 57 unions under its umbrella and they represent some 12.5 million people. His fellow Democrats are reputed to call him a "wizard" for his skill in leveraging technology on behalf of the union’s public policy agenda as well as their chosen candidates. Marry that communication technology with a field force of millions of union men and women and Mr. Podhorzer has a potent national weapon to wield in determining who will implement America’s foreign and domestic policies and who might even be trying to undermine our Constitution (here, here and here).

Until a recent Time magazine exposé, he was very much out of sight, and deliberately so, as he provided strategic direction to the union. According to the Time profile he was also a key member of a group that applied enormous organizational and computing power to the task of electing their preferred candidates.

Over time, it would become obvious that former President Donald J. Trump was not their preferred candidate.

In our democracy, it is neither unusual nor inappropriate to create campaigns on behalf of a favored political party, public policies or individual candidates. Correctly, efforts have made to confront "dark money," where large amounts of cash are put into campaigns by individuals cloaked in deliberate anonymity. Dark Money, according to The New York Times, "is notoriously hard to track. Dark money is driving a privatization of politics, funding ads, voter turnout and lawsuits — things once left to campaigns and parties. One entity on the left, the Sixteen Thirty Fund, spent $410 million in 2020 — more than the Democratic National Committee. " [Emphasis in the original]

In a digital era, however, when secretive online campaigns using mega data driven by algorithms can potentially manipulate election outcomes, the threat to our democracy comes from a new and far more dangerous direction.

The Time expose’ regarding the role of Mr. Podhorzer suggests a calculated strategy to ensure that Joe Biden would win on Election Day. Far removed from oversight, or the give and take of traditional American democracy, the article speaks to his skillful ability to apply massive computer power for the purpose of affecting voter behavior. Working in coordination with others who shared his goal, the Time report applies sunlight to his strategy, participants, and objectives. It reveals a skilled professional working far from public scrutiny. The current occupant of the White House underscores just how effective he and his colleagues were in 2020. One can only imagine their plans for the mid-terms.

Much has been written about the role of hostile nations seeking to influence American public policy through the use of social media, and masquerading as Americans questioning our values and national direction. Without firing a shot or launching a missile, our enemies seek to apply online digital strategies to unravel the fabric of our democracy. Our response has been to aggressively "out" those efforts and confront those who troll the American electorate. Yet the Time profile is a stunning reminder that the far bigger threat to our democratic future and our Constitution might lie within our own borders.

As Shakespeare suggested in the play Julius Caesar, "The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, But in ourselves…"


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