Reader’s Comment: Pat Buchanan for President – My Comments – Trump is stronger but too soft


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One of my readers wrote this about turning to Buchanan:-

Pat Buchanan? I voted for him when he ran, and he chooses a black woman as his running mate. Also, he falls over to praise blacks left and right. After that, I never really listened to him. He has good points, but is still the system…he gets to be court jester.

Jimi, I disagree trump ‘sold us out.’ I never drank the Trump Kool-aid. I voted for him twice, sent money to his campaign and have no regrets in doing so, but I think Trump, at his best, was only able to hold back the left for four years. To say he destroyed the GOP is ignorant and unmindful of events. The GOP was already over as a ‘conservative’ party. Trump in effect did a corporate takeover of a dying firm. Can you really say that the GOP of Bush, McCain, and Romney was a vital force Trump destroyed? Come on, think it over.
When the GOP had control of Congress, what did they do with it?

Trump, flawed as he is, is the only real opposition to the system, and that should tell you what kind of ‘democratic’ system we have. He’s it.

As for third parties or a new strategy, consider that once the hard left has full control and eliminates any kind of opposition, our ‘choices’ will be made for us. Submit or take extreme forms of survival.

My Comments:-

I liked Buchanan and his books. He actually dared to touch on real truths including WW2 and Germany. But like all Americans in the elite he is too weak and soft. You’ll see a certain soft headedness that drives these people and ultimately they don’t go further. And this British-type of softheadedness shows you on which side these people really are. Its very sad because I liked Buchanan. I thought he had great potential, but he is too soft to amount to anything. Trump is much stronger, but even Trump is too soft.

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