Reader’s Comment: Jewish Soviet Union & (((Putin))) are no friends of Whites… they fought Rhodesia & S.Africa

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[One of my readers wrote these interesting comments which I agree with. Jan]

Brother i just found out that the (((soviet union))) and the (((CCP))) also supported the black marxist in Rhodesia and south africa to overthrow the white society there and supported the mass genocide of the white afrikkaners this is why i hate my some of my fellow white nationalist who think (((Putin))) is the savior of the west and the white race when in reality Russia has more muslims and non whites than any white countries in the world also being a nationalist and an anti semite in russia is a crime as you will get beat up by the cops and be thrown in jail for 2 years if you critized the (((russian government)) and for denying the Holacaust also i was suprised that many ethnic russians the slavs hate Jewtin so much because of his immigration policies lets face it both the western jews and Russians jews are working together to wipe us whites out.

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