Reader: We are in WW3 – My Comments – We are partly in WW3


One of my readers posted this:

I think there is a war going on somewhere that the media is not covering. The French are fighting a tough fight in the Sahel region hence their lockdown due to 11 million Muslims in their country who could bring the war to France. The Lockdown is for the insurgents into the West through mass illegal immigration for the past 15 years.

I think WW3 will be fought with technology that will make star wars seem pretty ancient. It will be with things we only dreamed of 30 years ago. I think based on the present situation that we are ALREADY in the early stages of WW3

I want to add:

I don’t think WW3 is just technology. Technology is going to facilitate many things, and it will be a weapon. But WW3 will involve actual killing. Look on the wars in Iraq and Syria as a forerunner of how WW3 will work. It will probably be "small wars" in weak regions, like in Africa, and the major powers will use Third Parties. The UN will also be a nuisance there.

But I do think we’re heading into greater conflicts, but the process will be slow. It will not happen as fast as when the Jews tried to corner Hitler.

I think we’ve been in the opening stages of WW3, and slowly, step by step, the aggression will increase. The white right is going to be a most important player, if not the ultimate player in this war. And yes, people will get killed more and more, but it will start in the Third world and work its way back to the First World. I think eventually it will be in the First world, and America is the main place for a lot of struggle.

I can’t comment on Europe yet. But USA, definitely, breaking up and internal stress will grow a LOT. I think the USA is susceptible to things other countries are not, and from out of this will come good things.

These are a few thoughts.

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