Reader: Black Crime is worse in London now than New York…

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Blacks bring Cannibalism and Witchcraft to Britain
Here‘s a story from Britain. This is how the Whites are being enriched by Blacks from Africa.

[This is a comment from a reader in the UK. The madness there… is getting worse. But, whites, sadly, need more pain. Jan]

He wrote:
I must say Jan things have been changing greatly in England and Wales in Comparison. The murders, rapes and slaughters in these two U.K countries has been shooting up. Ireland and Scotland too. Especially in the Cities like London. I have heard many accounts that London is now worse than New York for murder. Not that takes away any tragedy, it just add to it and shows you can’t take a fish out of water and expect it to adapt. Through yourself and others I have listtened and learn’t from for a few short years now, I have said South Africa was the blue print for whats now here.

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Video & Audio: S.Africas 2nd Last (Boer) President: PW Bothas Last Public Interview (2006)
PW Botha is a Boer who became the 2nd last President under Apartheid. He was the man most responsible for the immense, first class military force known as the SADF. The SADF was the most powerful military force in all of Africa.

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