RADICAL LIBERALS: DNC Gets Rigging Act Together – My Comments


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[In the 2016 election, I was fascinated by how things turned out. The Liberals had everything rigged. I never completed a video that I gathered evidence for at the time. But it seemed as if some massive rigging was in progress. I am therefore posting these comments from an american about rigging which seems to be very apparent this year.

These Radical Liberals and Elite infused with Jews… are a serious danger. They'll go to any length to seize America right from under the feet of the whites and to NEVER allow the whites to regain control of their country. Jan]

Message I received:

I posted this on the site, and it looks like it has gone up without going through a moderator:

These results fit perfectly with my observations concerning what I call “The Massachusetts Miracle” of the Democratic primary in 2008 in which the preferred establishment candidate at that time, Hillary Clinton, defeated Barack Obama (we were told) by a resounding margin of 57% to 41% of the vote. This was in spite of the fact that Obama had the endoresement of the black governor or the state, Deval Patrick, and Senators Edward Kennedy and John Kerry. On the same day in the Massachusetts of the Midwest, Minnesota, Obama won the less-easily-rigged caucus by a margin of 67% to 32%. Massachusetts also has a large, ultra-liberal student population and the Boston Globe was perhaps the only major newspaper in the country that was consistently opposed to the Iraq War, a position much closer to Obama’s than to Hillary’s. My larger analysis of the Super Tuesday of 2008 is in “Grand Theft Primary,” http://www.dcdave.com/article5/080209.htm. There is no reason under the sun to trust any vote count overseen by the corrupt-to-the-core DNC.

You might check to see if you’re seeing what I’m seeing at http://tdmsresearch.com/2020/03/04/massachusetts-2020-democratic-party-primary/.

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