Quick Note: Twisting Science & History to corroborate Jewish & Elite Liberalism

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In my own revisiting of Professor Carroll Quigley, I have begun re-familiarising myself with Quigley and what he was saying, but I’m digging deeper, in-between looking at my other tasks like content creation, which I am back at with a vengeance and loving.

I’m absolutely convinced that there is a type of mental myopia that comes from the elite in the USA, which is almost certainly induced by Jews.

However, at a very high, intellectual level, these people TOTALLY BELIEVE that their Liberal strategy will not only save Western Civilisation but will allow it to grow and become more powerful.

THEY BELIEVE THIS. THEY ARE RADICAL. And they hate “Racism”. They hate Nationalism because their goal is global empire.

They are certain that their interpretation and understanding of history is the correct one. Therefore they are, at all costs, ramming Liberalism down all whites’ throats without further ado and they’re actually using militarism to support their Liberal ideals inside and outside the USA.

So you have a kind of weird Radical, Militarised, rampaging Liberalism that espouses Diversity and which will bode no opposition from whites inside their own country, whom they look down upon as being stupid.

Their methods are clearly failing in Africa, the Middle East, and inside the USA itself, but they are working with a blind religious zeal to do this.

Some seem to believe that Liberalism can defeat Communism (which it can’t) while others believe in co-operating with Communism.

At the end of the day Nationalism is the enemy and White Nationalism is the highest entity.

This is because they believe that non-whites can give them BENEFITS.

They definitely believe they are GAINING BENEFITS from their strategy.

But their strategy has huge flaws including the self-defeating notion that “Liberalism” is what the world needs. This is a bit of a take on the French Revolution and its impact on Europe. This led to the downfall of all the monarchies.

There is an interesting twist to this, and the twist is how will their strategy impact other non-white races in the long term.

In the long term, these strategies are big threats to whites and white nations and that is our concern.

Some of what they espouse is a type of poison that might poison some of the non-whites to the benefit of whites.

But the biggest most existential harm is that which is coming to whites, and we need to get out of this. And we need a system that has real benefits and great goals for ourselves which is why I am a NAZI and why I believe in returning to our old Pagan ways.

These are some initial thoughts. But the key is that the DRIVING FORCE is at a high level justified by actual (erroneous) intellectualism from the very highest levels. There must be key errors (e.g. ignoring race) at the highest levels of academia in the USA.

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