President Donald Trump Appears to be the Target of a “Color Revolution”-Style Coup Attempt


[Americans sent me this. The Zionist loving Biden is a bag a shit. By the way, Jews have married into his family.  Jan]

Experts: Trump Is Target of "Color Revolution" – The New American – September 25, 2020

President Donald Trump appears to be the target of a "Color Revolution"-style coup attempt by powerful actors within and outside of the U.S. government and even in the Armed Forces, according to experts in the field and a growing list of prominent analysts. Indeed, many of the same individuals and organizations involved in other "revolutions" around the world are helping lay the groundwork for a similar operation in the United States. The same strategies are being used, too. The chaotic 2020 election will be the focal point.

Biden expressed confidence that the military would "escort [Trump] from the White House with great dispatch" if called upon to do so. Whether the "Color Revolution" plot will succeed, though, remains to be seen at this point.

Between massive levels of expected voter fraud, open insubordination among senior military leaders, escalating riots in the streets, the much-hyped "siege" of the White House by revolutionaries, and a powerful media machine dedicated to overthrowing the administration, the chaos is likely to keep growing as November 3 approaches. Individuals close to Trump and outside his network have all warned the nation about what is brewing. Outrageously fake polls are conditioning Americans to view any Trump victory as fraudulent. The pieces of the planned coup are falling into place.

At the center of the effort to overthrow Trump and potentially even America’s constitutional republic is a shadowy George Soros-backed group known as the Transition Integrity Project (TIP). This "bipartisan" establishment network of mostly secret NeverTrump "RINO" Republicans and Democrats founded by a key Soros operative has been war-gaming various scenarios involving the upcoming 2020 election. The goal: ensuring Trump leaves the White House no matter what, even if it means a "street fight" or military involvement to secure a Biden victory.

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