Please help Matt Hale: PLEASE SEND YOUR LETTERS TO PRESIDENT BIDEN; 3-10-50AC (2023 old year)

[Poor Matt. Now his Mom has died. Please help Branden to help Matt. Jan]

Friends and Supporters: We must do what we can to help free Matt. It’s what the late Ms. Hutchenson would want us to do. To do nothing is to accomplish nothing. You may use the form letters in the attachments or write your own letters. Biden is our president, we don’t like it but he is what we have for the next year. Matt has asked us to do this and if we care about what has been done to him, we do our part to get him home. Thank you for your help!! The letter template in all caps was written by a supporter.

I updated the other, non-supporter-composed letter to include a plea for President Biden to recognize that Matt is very deserving of clemency in regards to his ridiculously heavy-handed 40-year sentence. President Biden has been commuting the sentences of many people convicted of federal offenses.

Biden to issue first pardons of his term and reduce dozens of prison sentences.

LATEST ON MATT’S MAIL (3-10-50AC): Please continue to refrain from writing him until further notice. Only family and his attorney may write him at this time.

LATEST ON THE CIVIL RIGHTS CASE (3-10-50AC): Attached is the latest document in The Civil Rights Case. It is the defendants’ response to Matt’s motion in opposition to the change of the district where the case is to be heard. They argue why the venue of the case should be the Southern District of Illinois rather than the District of Columbus.

Free Matt Hale!



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