Picture: Is this a real copy of the Letter to Biden that President Trump left in the Oval Office?


[On the subject of letters written by Trump, I think this is utterly fantastic. I was unaware that copies of his letters are spreading around! This is a new kind of warfare! This has serious potential. Congress may have to make it a CRIMINAL OFFENCE either for Trump to spread his letters OR for anyone to be in possession of his letters! This could become a seriously massive issue! I love this! I would never have thought of, or conceived of this in my life! I think this is fabulous.

Now the next question is whether this is real. To me, it looks genuine enough. Maybe this is it? It definitely would be in keeping with his personality. HOWEVER, would they really want him to write such a letter? So I’m not sure. I sure hope this IS what he wrote. It definitely would fit his personality and his mood. But whether it is, for certain I can’t say. To be honest, this IS the letter Biden deserved to get. If anyone ever finds out more, this would be of interest.

I am very happy to see that Trump is back to his normal self and he is showing a nasty streak, which I think, given what happened is valid. One of my American supporters sent me the link to this. I like it! Jan]

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