WW2: The American Jew who loved killing European Christians & Civilians – Howard Zinn


[This guy was one of the few Jews who went into the USA military, the rest being allowed off the hook by their own infiltration. Jews let the white men go to DIE … few fought. This one knew he was killing civilians. Jan]

Up till now you have probably never heard of Howard Zinn, but this post will introduce you to him for two very good reasons.

Reason # 1)
Howard Zinn has committed crimes against humanity. He is a Talmudic Jew who ruthlessly bombed, killed and maimed thousands upon thousands of innocent Christians in France and Germany, freely and publicly admitting doing so, and has gotten clean away with it without any hint of prosecution.

Reason # 2)
Howard Zinn is the poster boy for this website’s theory on Diaspora Jews. While his Talmudic Jewish parents were kissing and blessing American soil as refugees stepping off the boat from a “tyrannical” Christian Czar of Russia, leader of a nation of Christians, once settled in America, their proud son, Howard Zinn, whom they raised in “the Land of the Free”, is now one of the prominent leaders of the “America is Evil” movement in our public schools.

You can read the long article here: http://www.thechristiansolution.com/doc2009/299_HowardZinn.html

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