Pic: The Grand plan by the black Jew Ramaphosa & his brother to steal billions…


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Video: Weird Evolution: Blacks with Ostrich Feet: THE VADOMA TRIBE FOUND IN NORTHERN ZIMBABWE KNOWN
These Blacks have the weirdest, creepiest feet. This is in former Rhodesia.

This meme is one of many drawn up by blacks and other non whites who believed they were tracing “White Monopoly Capital” scams. Its Jewish monopoly capital.

NHI is now a huge hot button that could destroy our private medical industry.

Click on the image to enlarge or resize it properly.

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Video: WTA03: The White End Game: How Portugal and S.Africa almost conquered all of Southern Africa
In this video we look at the amazing plans of South Africa and Portugal to beat the Blacks in Africa. The results of their efforts still stand to this day, and nobody notices it.

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