Pic: The best example of how far America has fallen… The Natural Optimism of Whites Vs Jews & Judaism

[I first saw this meme on Twitter years ago. And to date, for me, this is the most start example of how far the USA has fallen. This photo was from the 1950s. It shows how incredible the USA was then. Another thing you will find is that when whites dominated, whether it was in Europe or the USA, that whites have a natural optimism of the future and it was reflected in art, and especially in comics and cartoons. Depression and fear, and the end of the world … these are NOT white values. Judaism, instead, is a depressing, negative world, of fear and looking forward to things going DOWNWARDS. Its a topic I will return to.

But for me, returning to the photo below, especially after having visited the USA twice, I can tell you that this meme speaks to me. It makes me sad for the whites of America. There can be no doubt that Judaism has ruined your nation, just as it does every white nation it gets to. I also don’t think that whites, as a race, as a people, are natural capitalists actually. It does NOT work for us. We are workers, soldiers and scientists. That works for us. Jan]

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