Pic: Jews & the Bible’s book of Esther: The Fertility Goddess: Ishtar – Jews did not write the Bible

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Let me say quickly, that MOST of what is in the Bible was NOT written by the Jews. The Jews COPIED IT from other religions, cultures and scriptures. Scientists have found MOST OF THE BIBLE stories in all sorts of ancient texts from countries as far away as India.

Last year I spoke to a Danish scientist who was an expert in ancient Persian and Sanskrit and one other language – I forget now. He was telling me about verses in the Christian Bible that he found written in Sanskrit in India. Sanskrit was one of the original languages of our race. These texts and languages are OLDER THAN THE JEWS.

I got this note and photo from my Boer NAZI pal, who is over 70 whose studied these myths from the Middle East for much of his life. I had been discussing the Book of Esther in the Bible. It is a weird book, definitely written by the Jews and I think it is the basis for Purim.

My Boer NAZI pal sent me this link and photo.

He wrote:
The story of Eshter is mythical. Esther is a mythological queen of fertility. It thetefore refers to Easter – Ishtar.

See story..lt came from Egypt (Isis). Vroeer in die Bybel is Isis gebruik as Sarai vrou en suster van Abraham (Horus).

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Queen_of_heaven_(antiquity)

My own comments:
He writes in Afrikaans that: Earlier in the bible Isis is used as Sarah, wife AND sister of Abraham (the Egyptian God Horus).

My Boer Nazi pal has, over the years told me many things about the links between Bible stories and the Egyptians. A lot of the (fanciful) stories of the Jews actually are based either on Egyptians who ruled or controlled the area of “Israel” or it was stolen from their religion and mythology.

In my studies of The Great Jewish Mask (which Americans and Europeans like very much), it was noted that a lot of Judaism was actually stolen directly from the religion of the Babylonians where the Jews were sent. Detailed records exist and have been deciphered by scientists about what Babylonian priests did and how their religion was conducted. It is from these sources that it is easy to identify that the Jews COPIED FROM THE BABYLONIANS whom they curse so much throughout the Bible.

Jews have invented most of their history. Its as simple as that.

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