Pic: Jews & the Bible’s book of Esther: The Fertility Goddess: Ishtar – Jews did not write the Bible


Let me say quickly, that MOST of what is in the Bible was NOT written by the Jews. The Jews COPIED IT from other religions, cultures and scriptures. Scientists have found MOST OF THE BIBLE stories in all sorts of ancient texts from countries as far away as India.

Last year I spoke to a Danish scientist who was an expert in ancient Persian and Sanskrit and one other language – I forget now. He was telling me about verses in the Christian Bible that he found written in Sanskrit in India. Sanskrit was one of the original languages of our race. These texts and languages are OLDER THAN THE JEWS.

I got this note and photo from my Boer NAZI pal, who is over 70 whose studied these myths from the Middle East for much of his life. I had been discussing the Book of Esther in the Bible. It is a weird book, definitely written by the Jews and I think it is the basis for Purim.

My Boer NAZI pal sent me this link and photo.

He wrote:
The story of Eshter is mythical. Esther is a mythological queen of fertility. It thetefore refers to Easter – Ishtar.

See story..lt came from Egypt (Isis). Vroeer in die Bybel is Isis gebruik as Sarai vrou en suster van Abraham (Horus).

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Queen_of_heaven_(antiquity)

My own comments:
He writes in Afrikaans that: Earlier in the bible Isis is used as Sarah, wife AND sister of Abraham (the Egyptian God Horus).

My Boer Nazi pal has, over the years told me many things about the links between Bible stories and the Egyptians. A lot of the (fanciful) stories of the Jews actually are based either on Egyptians who ruled or controlled the area of “Israel” or it was stolen from their religion and mythology.

In my studies of The Great Jewish Mask (which Americans and Europeans like very much), it was noted that a lot of Judaism was actually stolen directly from the religion of the Babylonians where the Jews were sent. Detailed records exist and have been deciphered by scientists about what Babylonian priests did and how their religion was conducted. It is from these sources that it is easy to identify that the Jews COPIED FROM THE BABYLONIANS whom they curse so much throughout the Bible.

Jews have invented most of their history. Its as simple as that.

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  • 9th October 2019 at 12:36 am

    The B I B L E Yes That’s The Book For Me – (((They))) will run you ragged.

  • 8th October 2019 at 12:55 am

    Esther is not a mythical figure of the bible, it is written in the Persian history that a large portion of their population converted to Judaism – If Esther is a mythological figure, then should we say the battle of Sparta was mythical? Since the Xerxis was involved with the battle of Sparta & the Spartans in the book of maccabees + written records from their high priest confirm the Israelites are their relatives, also found in the Encyclopedia of Flavious Josephus the original letters.

    There is no reason for a mass converting of people to the Jewish faith during Xerxis, other than written by Esther and confirmed in their records, it is not only a record but a historical fact that at a certain point in the Persian provinces there was a mass converting of people to a Jewish faith evidenced by the amount of Jews in India and North Africa that all of a sudden popped up, plus we also get the genealogy of Esther in the bible.

    You would find old testament bible in Sanskrit in India at the same time of the conversion and not before. It confirms the bible 100% and does not dismiss it. It confirms that the Persians took the old testament writings and translated them to sanskrit.

    In terms of Babylon, well Abraham was from the land of the Chaldeans which is/was the land of Ur, which became known as Babylon aka Sumeria and which one of Enochs sons founded. The old lands of the Arab world were named after his 3 sons.

    All those religions found there are from the fallen angels or as Sitchin would say “the fallen annunaki”

    Jan seems very confused, he cant quite grasp the difference between a Jew, an Israelities, a Hebrew and until he does he will be running in cirlces.

    Abraham was not a Jew, Sarah was not a Jew, Moses was not a Jew, Christ was not a Jew – The Egyptian religion comes from Babylon under Nimrod which it tells us quite clearly in Babylonian and biblical texts he was half god (ie. half fallen angel) all these religions are from the fallen Angels, the corruption of flesh is what you find in India with their gods, with humans, animals with 4 arms, half men, etc etc, this is clearly spoken of and seen as the corruption of flesh and mixing bloods/DNA

    There is no Jewish religion, I am not sure where you get that from. The old testament is a set of rules, laws given to the Israelities, 12 tribes, 1 tribe was Judah. Thats it, there is a Rabbi who quoted it in the best way by saying that Judaism became a religion once the Jews came back from Babylon and introduced the Talmud.

    The Talmud is a satanic text from Babylon, passed down for millenia from those fallen Angels. Every religion or peoples in the world mentions heavenily beings coming down to earth and mixing with man, including the Bantu as written about by Credo Mutwa, even the Zulu believe it.

    Before discussing Jews, you need to understand the difference between hebrews, Israelities, Jews and then modern Jewry.

    I suggest https://christogenea.org they cover it very well there.

    Im surprised Jan still carries on with this, I saw he met a pastor at the fash bash who went on to discuss this at great length. Maybe Jan is just an agent….Jan are you an agent? A Jewish agent perhaps? I heard a lot of people online questioning whether you were a Jew, crypto Jew creating a honey pot working with the FBI

  • 8th October 2019 at 12:42 am

    Esther is the only book of the Bible without God. Eustace Mullins gives credits to this book with the phrase “have a good day” for jewish owners of stores. After the deed of killing “seventy and five thousand” Persians, Esther 8:17 And in every province, and in every city, whithersoever the king’s commandment and his decree came, the Jews had joy and gladness, a feast and a good day. And many of the people of the land became Jews; for the fear of the Jews fell upon them.

    Esther is also a model for the “honey trap”, a method to gain access to power.

    • 8th October 2019 at 8:17 pm

      Sarah, I can tell you having read Eustace mullins work that he is probably the most incompetent of the entire conspiracy theory lot. Eustice mullins had never been through the bible, which is evident by his writing. He has no clue of the difference between the house of Israel and the house of Judah.

      To understand this entire fiasco about Jews….

      You have to

      1. Understand the difference between a Hebrew, Israelitie and a Jew –
      2. One has to understand the difference between race vs religion.
      3. One has to understand that the modern people who call themselves Jews, are simply referring to religion, set of beliefs/practices and not bloodline. They are not the bloodline from Abraham

      Christ knew it, he told them if they were of Abrahams seed they would have been glad to have met him as Abraham was. Christ is not a Jew. He is not from Judahs bloodline, he is from a daughter of Jacobs bloodline. Remember Jacob had sons and daughters, the bloodline of Christ is a sister of Jacob.

      Christ does not have Moabite blood in him, Ruth was born in the region of Moab but if you read the story of Joshua conquering those lands, you know he wiped out the moabites from that region as per the Lords orders. The only remaining people would have been Israelities who would later be called moabites, much like Euorpeans on the tip of Africa are called south Africans but they are not African nor are European Americans native Americans.

      Without that understanding the bible is closed book. I have met Pastors who taught for 30 years or more who dont know the difference and without that difference they are lost. In fact so great is the understand of the the two houses, that without it, no one can discuss “Jews”.

      My problem with Christians and those preaching the bible is quoting scriptures and taking them out of context. Again you quote that quote without having the slightest clue that the original tribe of Judah has nothing to do with religion. Its a bloodline, a race.

      The house of Judah could become Hindus, Buddhists, Christians but those races who were not of the tribe of Judah, could never be of the tribe of Judah because to be of the tribe of Judah, one had to be of Abrahams bloodline. The converts simply followed laws, rights, beliefs.

      If I followed the Chinese laws, would that make me Chinese? Would it make you Chinese? If you went to Japan, put their clothes on, ate their foods, followed their customs, spoke Japanese, lived in a Japanese house, even married a Japanese women or man, could you call yourself Japanese? NO! To be Japanese you have to be of the bloodline.

      You have Japanese living in Brazil who cant speak Japanese, dont eat their food, live like Westerners but they are non-the less Brazilian citizens, western but non-the less their bloodline dictates their race.

      Before anyone discusses Jews, Christianity, they should go through the bible several times including the Apochrypha

      Esther was from the tribe of Judah, she was an Israelite. Those people who converted to the faith were not from the tribe of Judah so we can NEVER call them Judeans or Israelites which is why John told us, when he said, “those who call themselves Jews but are not”.

      You can in the biblical sense only be a true Judean if you were from the seed of Abraham. Before Moses gave them the law, they were not practising a single one of Gods laws as we know it today but they were still Judeans even when they followed Baal and other religions this still didnt change their bloodline, only through mixing would this occur.

      Which is why in Deut is tells us, that race mixing will destroy them forever because even until the 10th generation they could never enter into the congregation of the Lord. The modern Khazarians know this full well, they know they are mixed, they know they will never ever go to the after life.

      They know this so well, which is why they need to create their paradise on earth by unleashing hell and making sure true Israelites found in the West never make it to the other side through race mixing.

      Honestly, Eustace Mullins talks a good talk but he is probably the worst when it comes to facts. He takes a few facts and makes an entire story of them, in south africa we have a saying for that “bullshit baffles brains” he throws a few facts in there for the uninitiated but in reality those who have studied the word, the history, the migrations know full well he speaks shit.

      Mullins is correct in a sense that the Khazarians, Ashkenazi, Sephardic peoples are the literal house of Satan but anyone who doesnt understand the difference between bloodlines/race vs religion/belief will forever be totally, totally confused and put to shame by anyone who understands the bible when it comes to race.

      The bible is the most race concious book ever written.


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