Pic: Excellent: The real reason South Africans CURSE … Why do we have Load Shedding?

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2002: 60 of Blacks said life under Apartheid was better
This is a story from Britain on my African Crisis Archive. Of course life was better under Apartheid, but nobody wants to admit that White rule was better. In 2023, Blacks are still realising this truth, but few dare say it.

[This is from Twitter. Tony Yengeni is a Black ANC politician, and look at what he asked. He asked someone to explain to him nicely and slowly why we have load shedding? Gatvol is an Afrikaans term meaning “fedup” … but VERY FEDUP … “up to here”. Look at the response from the “Gatvol South African”. This will give you a little bit of insight into why Whites can get so worked up here in Africa when you are ruled by retards and scum. Jan]

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2008: S.Africa: Oprah Winfrey, Racist diva of double standards
Ms Winfrey openly and shamelessly admitted that her new school was not only racist, but also sexist. She opened an elite school only for Black Girls in SA.

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