Pic: Bulgarian election: 2019 – VOTE FOR Hitler! – Hitler lost WW2, but may win: WW3, WW4 & WW5

[Friends of mine in Bulgaria have been mocking their election and crossing out all the stupid political parties and instead showing that Hitler should be on the ballot.

So I wrote the wording on the pic about Hitler losing WW2, but maybe winning WW3, WW4 & WW5. Its something I’ve been thinking about for long and I believe it. We’ve not seen the end of Hitler, nor the Germans, and if all whites in all Western Nations created NS parties and voted, in essence, for “Hitler” we can all unite, save ourselves and drive out Jews and any other trash.

I really liked what my friends are spreading around. I am a FIRM BELIEVER that we whites can all unite. I think this has huge potential, and let’s see Europa ARISE!!! Jan]

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