Pic: Black Holocaust: Did Napoleon massacre & even gas 100,000 blacks on Haiti? – Napoleon’s only massacre


I was quite surprised to find that in 2005, some black guy wrote a book in French about the “crimes of Napoleon”. This was then added to, by claiming that Napoleon was the fore-runner of the holocaust and that Hitler “learned from him”.

I really have no problem with Hitler, Napoleon, or any other white leader killing large numbers of our enemies if they believed it was warranted. I am NOT someone who is constantly jumping around trying to be on the “moral high ground”. Indeed, when the book claimed that Napoleon massacred blacks I was thinking … EXCELLENT … and it went on about his ANTI-SEMITISM … and I thought: Yeah, I know about that, because I did a video about it.

Of course the notion that Hitler learned gassing and mass methods of killing from Napoleon … well that does not fly with me because I know full well that Hitler never went about mass murdering the Jews, and the lying Jewish swines claim.

I did some reading and it turned out this black guy who is called a “historian” by the British press, who loved running with this story, is also an “activist” for his race. Academics in France said that he had very few sources for his “info” in the book and that he repeated it endlessly … but there is nothing there of substance.

I have read a LOT about Napoleon, and so these claims caught me off guard. The only time that Napoleon actually engaged in the mass killing of POWs was when he fought in the Middle East. And I know what the reason was. Napoleon fought these Muslims, and when he captured them, he was so low on resources that he could not look after them. So he let them go on the PROMISE that they would NOT fight the French again. They promised this … and he let them go. Later, when he captured Muslims, they realised that some of them were in fact ones who had previously promised NOT to take up arms against the French again. When this continued happening, and Napoleon realised that these people were NOT keeping their word, he then took the decision to have them all shot. He was unable to keep them as POWs and to feed them, and he was not going to let them go in order for them to have another chance of shooting French. So he did the only reasonable thing and that is he had them all killed.

As best I remember the total was 2,500 who were killed and it was the ONLY “atrocity” I ever came across that Napoleon had committed. The black guy says the total number might be as high as 4,000. So what.

Napoleon did have excellent reasons for doing what he did and I don’t regard it as a “war crime”.

Here is a short piece about the silly black guy who wrote his nonsense about Napoleon. As you will see he is a film maker and he’s basically a propagandist and NOT a real, academic or historian:

Claude Ribbe

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Claude Ribbe on 28 April 2007 during the Marche contre les discriminations envers les Français d’Outre-Mer, in Paris, France.

Claude Ribbe (born 13 October 1954) is a French writer, activist and filmmaker.


Early life and education

Ribbe was born in Paris and is alumnus of the Ecole normale superieure.


Ribbe has specialised in the history of colonialism in the Caribbean. He has also been active in promoting civil rights in France for people of ethnic African and Caribbean origin.

Through his books and films, he has supported the recognition of figures such as Eugene Bullard, Chevalier de Saint-George, and Thomas-Alexandre Dumas, who was the first black man to be promoted to general in the French Army in 1793.

In his book Le Crime de Napoleon (2005), Ribbe accused Napoleon of having used sulphur dioxide gas for the mass execution of more than 100,000 rebellious black slaves when trying to put down slave rebellions in Saint-Domingue (now Haiti) and Guadeloupe. He said this was a model for Hitler‘s holocaust nearly 140 years later.

In Ribbe’s words, Napoleon, then First Consul, was the man who, for the first time in history, ‘asked himself rationally the question how to eliminate, in as short a time as possible, and with a minimum of cost and personnel, a maximum of people described as scientifically inferior’.[1]

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Claude_Ribbe

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