Pic: An important message to Whites from your Jewish sponsor: Be Tolerant … BE CONQUERED!


[An American lady sent me this meme. I love it. This is so true. The Jews are destroying nations with their junk and even evil and deliberately malicious ideas. The Jew opens the doors to all the things which will destroy YOU. Whenever the Jewish scum tell Whites to be tolerant, they are taking Whites further down the path to suicide. We have our NATURAL DEFENCES. Our minds tell us: This is bad … and then the Jew comes along and tells you, no, it’s good. The Jewish parasite comes and messes with your head and disables your defences. This is how animal parasites also work in some cases. The parasite makes life pleasant for the parasite at the expense of the host. The key to this is sophistry, and junk arguments that eventually begin to sound like logic. The parasite makes you insane for the benefit of the parasite. IF YOU DO NOT DEFEND YOURSELF THEN YOU WILL BE DESTROYED. Jan]

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