Pic: 19,000 White girls raped in the UK: Cover-up


[Britain is utterly insane. But now that I understand more about the UK and USA, I have much to say on the matter. This is what you might call “Radical Liberalism” at work.

NEVER FORGET: If you have a Muslim or Black problem … its because you have a Jew problem … the JEWS are the ones bringing them into the UK, Europe, etc. Jan]

According to Sajid Javid’s Home Office, research and findings on the characteristics of grooming gangs across the United Kingdom is not in “public interest”.

After it was found that nearly 19,000 suspected victims of child sex exploitation transpired in just one year, survivors blamed the government for making “empty promises” on ending, or even addressing, the epidemic.

In 2018, Javid claimed there would be “no no-go areas of inquiry” in regards to the rampant sex grooming of children in England.

After Javid’s statement, no further statements on the review have been made. According to The Independent, the outlet was told that the work had been finished but it would only be used for internal policy-making and would not be released publicly.

Even after a freedom of information request inquiring on the research and reports, the British Home Office said they held the information but it would not be released.

In a statement, the Home Office claimed:

Disclosure would risk pre-empting decisions still to be made by ministers. In addition, the information could be misleading if made public and used out of context. We recognize that this topic in general and any insight and learning are matters of strong public interest, although it does not necessarily follow that it is in the public interest to disclose any specific information relating to it.

The Home Office has explained that it will soon publish a national strategy that will create a “whole system response to all forms of child sexual abuse”.

However, until the new system is made and utilized as promised, it seems that the U.K. Home Office is content on allowing the sexual abuse and grooming of children to continue unabashed.

Seeing as how the epidemic of different sex grooming gangs around the United Kingdom has been reported since 2018, it seems that the matter is not a pressing issue to British authorities. As sad as this is, it is likely a trend that will only continue, as the U.K. continues to allow itself to aid and abet criminal behavior among its refugee population.

Source: https://www.zerohedge.com/political/uk-home-office-covers-huddersfield-child-rapists

2 thoughts on “Pic: 19,000 White girls raped in the UK: Cover-up

  • 27th February 2020 at 4:19 am

    Where are the yellow-bellied cowardly pathetic wimp fathers, brothers, uncles of these girls, they should take these mongrel dog ragheads out and cut off certain bodily parts, and make them suffer the agony of Mohammed for many hours before topping them… Where have the white men gone in UK, are they cowering in their basements afraid of being called names by the treasonous jews media and their shabbos goyim?
    Or are they in their basements watching kiddie porn?
    It’s no better here in USA, relatives DO NOTHING when their daughters are molested. I know of not one case where the family has “taken care of business”.
    This is pathetic and the jews are loving it how yellow the white man has crawled.

    • 29th February 2020 at 8:19 pm

      I once read a book by a young Argentinean male. I’ve forgotten the title unfortunately. It was about how to protect yourself and family when collapses of economies and thus law and order prevail. This author visited Europe and was stunned to realize ‘the sissification of the european male in Europe’.


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