Photos: Whites grovel like dogs: Philo-Semitism: Gentile Leaders Worship Jews – My Comments

[Nice one from National Vanguard. This is true. Western leaders are such weak pathetic dogs really. White leaders everywhere grovel like dogs. Jan]

by Andrew Hamilton

DECADE AFTER decade after decade we have seen them, all of them, from extreme Left to so-called “conservative” — world “leaders,” that is — kowtowing, blindly serving and, yes, worshiping, Jews. At Jerusalem’s Wailing Wall (glance through photos), Holocaust museums and memorials, in their speeches, endlessly pledging their fealty to Jewry in thought, word, and deed.

And they mean it. They deliver — in spades.

Not just politicians and secret police agency heads, either. Wealthy, powerful, and privileged Gentiles of all stripes, academics, media personnel, White and POC equally, behave the same way, as do millions of the world’s rank-and-file.

The above photo, reproduced in Jewish and world media after a few days’ delay, shows Left-wing US President Joseph Biden (D.), “leader” of the world’s most powerful nation — decaying, increasingly totalitarian, and viciously anti-White — bowing his head and kneeling in the White House to outgoing Israeli President Reuben Rivlin, 81, and Rivlin’s ultra-Orthodox chief-of-staff Rivka Ravitz, 45, both members of Israel’s Likud Party.

Despite President Rivlin’s portly appearance, it is said that he has been a vegetarian since the 1960s.

As for Rivka Ravitz, the Israeli-born daughter of American Jewish émigrés, she is one of 10 children, and has 12 of her own.

As he knelt before the Jews, the President of the United States pledged the US Establishment’s “unquestionable,” engraved-in-stone commitment to Israel.

Anti-White US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D.-Calif.) behaves the same way, as do Gentile “leaders” everywhere, here and abroad.


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