Photos & Video: Jew-loving, Jew-owned, White-hating Justin Trudeau exposed part 2

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[Trudeau loves Jews and hates Whites. He’s a bag of shit. In one of the photos below, he is with his owner, the Jewish billionaire Bronfman. Bags of shit. Jan]

Here in this article I will continue to go over our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his connections to corrupt individuals.


Here is an article that states a teacher Christopher Charles Ingvaldson who taught at West Point Grey Academy with Justin Trudeau was charged with possessing 41 images of child porn. He was sentenced to 6 months in jail and 2 years probation. 11 people from 3 countries used facebook to share images of child porn.

The article is quoted as ” A former teacher at an elite Vancouver private school has been sentenced to three months in prison and two years’ probation after he pleaded guilty to accessing and possessing 41 images of child pornography.
The Provincial Court judge stated in their ruling that although the illegal images Christopher Charles Ingvaldson, 43, accessed at home and while working at St. George’s School were “‘very bad’, there are more extreme cases.”
Judge W. J. Kitchen ruled that the media glare from the case embarrassed Ingvaldson, “his school, his colleagues, his head master, and in particular his students – even though the offences did not involve the school in any way or endanger the students.”
Ingvaldson was reported to have told the court “I have lost many things since being arrested in June, 2010; a marriage, a career that I loved, numerous friendships, respect in the community at large,” according to the ruling.
He was caught in 2010 during an international police sting using Facebook. At the time, RCMP said 11 members of the ring had been arrested in Canada, Australia and the U.K.
Ingvaldson had previously taught at another Vancouver private school, West Point Grey Academy, with federal Liberal leadership hopeful Justin Trudeau.”

Here in this article it states that Christopher Charles Ingvaldson was Justin Trudeau’s roomate. It also states that Christopher Charles Ingvaldson was a one time close friend of Justin Trudeau. He was in initially charged with two counts of importing or distributing child porn.

The article is qouted as “Christopher Charles Ingvaldson, 42, who taught at St. George’s School, was charged in August 2010 in connection with an international Facebook child-porn ring.
He entered pleas in B.C. Provincial Court in Vancouver to accessing child pornography and possession of child porn.
Ingvaldson was also initially charged with two counts of importing or distributing child pornography.
At the time he was charged, RCMP said that 11 members of the ring in three countries – Canada, Australia and the U.K. – had been arrested.
Police executed a search warrant at both the home of Ingvaldson, who became head of the social-studies program at the exclusive school in 2006, and at the school.
The social-networking website allegedly had been accessed by Ingvaldson from both his home and place of work.”

Here is a video from Rebel media on how Justin Trudeau and the liberal party in Canada refused to make a public data base on sex offenders and pedophiles. The conservative party wanted the public to be more informed to help reduce the number of victims that are preyed upon by these animals.


Here is an article about the paradise papers and it touches on the man Stephen Bronfman
who helped Justin become Prime Minister. The article states that Stephen Bronfman helped move millions of dollars offshore to the Cayman Islands. Also involved in this is Leo Kolber, a former Canadian senator and Liberal Party member. The article goes on to say that Justin Trudeau and Stephen Bronfman were friends since childhood and Leo Kolber is Stephen Bronfman’s godfather.

The article is quoted as “The chief fundraiser and senior adviser to the Canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau, who played a critical role in the rise to power of the charismatic politician, was involved in the movement of millions of dollars to offshore havens, the Paradise Papers reveal.
Stephen Bronfman, heir to the Seagram fortune, who was instrumental in Trudeau’s successful bid for the leadership of the Canadian Liberal party in 2013 and the premiership two years later, engaged through his family investment business in a complex web of entities in the US, Israel and the Cayman Islands. Multimillion-dollar cashflows between the three jurisdictions might legally have avoided taxes in the US, Canada and Israel.
The leaked documents unveil a close relationship between two wealthy families who collaborated to shift millions of dollars to the Cayman Islands. On one side were the Bronfman family, inheritors of the Seagram distillery fortune in Montreal.
On the other side was the Cayman Islands-based trust of Leo Kolber, a former Canadian senator and powerhouse within the Liberal party Trudeau now leads.
Accountants working for the families discussed the possibility of recasting interest owed by the Kolber trust to two US-based Bronfman funds as “services rendered”, on the basis that the loans were not “in substance (only in form)”. Tax experts say that such interest-free loans would generally be barred under US tax laws.
The disclosures are likely to generate political heat for the Canadian prime minister, who swept to power in October 2015 partly on his promise to tackle economic inequality and take on tax avoidance. Last year, Trudeau came under pressure in the fallout from the Panama Papers, the trove of leaked documents from the offshore law firm Mossack Fonseca, during which his family inheritance was scrutinised.
At that point Trudeau insisted his personal assets, which he put into a blind trust after he won his party’s leadership, were “completely transparent”. But he came under renewed pressure this year following a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) investigation into a KPMG scheme to help wealthy Canadians move money to the low-tax Isle of Man.
The Paradise Papers put the spotlight once again on Trudeau’s record on tax fairness, only this time the focus falls within his inner circle. Specifically, on Bronfman, one of his closest advisers.

The two men are childhood friends who in recent years have revived their bond to assist Trudeau’s meteoric rise. Bronfman, 53, raised $2m for Trudeau’s leadership campaign and was was rewarded by being made the Liberal party’s chief fundraiser with a seat on its national executive.

Bronfman runs Claridge, the Montreal-based investment firm set up by his father, Charles Bronfman, to manage the vast wealth of the Seagram liquor empire, which came to prominence in the 1920s supplying the illicit alcohol trade during US prohibition. The distinctive Seagram Building in Manhattan, designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, still stands as a monument to the family’s status.
One of Claridge’s clients was the Cayman Islands-based trust of Kolber, Stephen Bronfman’s godfather and predecessor as chief fundraiser of the Liberal party who for decades was in charge of the Bronfman family’s investments. Kolber was appointed to the Canadian senate in 1983 by Pierre Trudeau, Justin’s father, towards the end of his stint as prime minister.”

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Here is an article on Sarah and Claire Bronfman who are related to Stephen Bronfman. The article states that Sarah and Claire Bronfman helped cover up and silence the truth about the organization NXIVM. NXIVM was a cult like organization that branded and blackmailed many of its members. Many Hollywood actresses have been sexually abused and exploited. I will be writing an article on NXIVM as there is alot to go over.


Here is an article on a that has Bono asking Justin to increase the investment in foreign aid at the World Economic Forum summit in Davos, Switzerland. We have so many problems at home here in Canada such as homelessness, crumbling roads, cuts to social services and hospitals yet people think we need to send our wealth out of the country. I put up this link mainly because the picture has Kevin Spacey, Bono and Justin Trudeau. As many of you already know about the sexual assaults commited by Kevin Spacey. I bet Kevin Spacey would recognize the Boylover symbol found in Justin Trudeau’s foundation.

I will post a few links for local readers about the crimes committed by Kevin Spacey this is just a glimpse.

As you can see Justin Trudeau has many connections to corrupt and downright evil individuals. We must do more to understand and expose these connections.


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