Photos: NSA SPYING: The REAL REASON Israel tried to destroy the USS Liberty: Israel was hiding is GENOCIDE of Egyptian POWs!!!

I’ve been doing a lot of reading in between my other tasks when I came upon a story that shocked me. I am aware of the story of USS Liberty and how Israel attacked it and shot it up when it was a peaceful vessel. I knew it was a bizarre story. But I had never actually dug deeper into it … into why the ship was where it was and any other background.

I am reading the book about the history of the NSA, Body of Secrets. In the book it goes into a lot of detail about all sorts of worldwide spying the NSA was engaging in. The Russians had a huge fleet of spy trawlers who were going around the world, and even plying up and down US coasts, spying on US communications.

So the NSA decided to build its own fleet.

The USS Oxford was the top notch NSA spy ship:

The Oxford was really fast and used intensely.

But then they brought in other spy ships that were smaller and slower. Some were really slow, and certain NSA officials liked those the most, because they could slowly bob along and spend weeks at a time listening in along coastlines like Africa, South America, etc.

This is what the USS Liberty looked like:

This is what the USS Liberty looked like after Israeli jets as well as torpedo boats attacked it incessantly:

This is what it looked like after the Israelis pounded t and even hit it with a torpedo:

But, there seems to be a deliberate "mystery" around this issue … your normal coverup nonsense.

This event happened during the Israeli 6 day war, which itself was totally full of deception and was a strike against the Arabs on the false basis that they were going to attack Israel. The Israelis lied and lied and lied to everyone including the USA.

So the USS Liberty was close to the coast of Israel on an NSA spy mission because the war had broken out suddenly.

The NSA also had an aircraft in the sky, quietly spying as well. This is something that’s been hidden until recent times.

In the excellent book, Body of Secrets, the author explains what was really going on, which nobody else seems to mention.

Now about the coverup.

  1. The Israelis knew it was an American ship. For hours beforehand they flew around the ship and even so close that one of the guys on board could see the co-pilot. They said the plane flew so close it almost hit a mast. The Israelis KNEW FOR CERTAIN the ship was American.

  2. The Israelis gave a firm order for the ship to be attacked and sunk. It is kind of interesting, that endless amounts of attacks by mirage jets and even Israeli torpedo boats never sank the USS Liberty! That to me is an amazing fact. One torpedo actually cut a massive hole into the ship. Perhaps the crew’s drills in sealing off the ship were what saved their lives. Anyway, it was amazing stuff.

  3. After the attack the Israelis immediately contacted senior Americans and I think even got a message to the US President saying "they attacked the ship by ACCIDENT". And the USA bought the lie and proceeded to do the coverup. Johnson said he would rather lose the crew than lose his ally Israel!!! Thus in shades of 911 to come, at a high level there was an IMMEDIATE HIGH LEVEL COVERUP. It began instantly as a result of the Israeli request and (false) claim that they had "accidentally" attacked the ship.

Now for the real story … the story behind the story, which nobody seems to talk about, but which is clearly written in BODY OF SECRETS. The author says that the Israelis were busy breaking the rules of war, including killing some Indians from the UN. But, most importantly, right at the coast where USS Liberty was, was the town of El Arish. In El Arish, the Israelis had a large number of Egyptian POWs they had captured. The Israelis had so many POWs they decided to kill them in cold blood. They were even taking the Egyptians and ordering them to dig graves and then shooting them into the graves. They were busy with LOTS OF KILLING that very day as the USS Liberty was within viewing distance of El Arish. The Israelis killed at least hundreds, but it looks like thousands of Egyptians that day. They were killing them in cold violations of the rules of war. But the USS Liberty was sitting there… sucking in all communications, all radio traffic, etc.

And so was the NSA spy plane that was flying somewhere in the region between Israel and Egypt.

According to Body of Secrets, there were Israelis who admitted that about half of the Israeli army was busy with genocides and killing POWS and other innocents in a clear violation of the rules of war.

So in the BODY OF SECRETS the author is convinced that the real reason for the attack on the USS Liberty was to prevent it from recording and later proving that the Israelis were busy with a genocide … a holocaust of Egyptian POWS!

The USS Liberty, like the spy ships and spy planes, would intercept everything and record everything. They would try to break the simplest codes, but all the others were kept on reels of tape, etc to be handed over to the NSA when they got to port.

In fact, during the attack on the USS Liberty, many of the crew were preparing weighted bags, which they were going to throw overboard in order for the tapes, etc to get to the sea bottom. The captain was also thinking of scuttling the ship. But the water depth was so shallow that the Israelis would be able to get everything. So they did not throw the stuff overboard, and thus sealed compartments so as to try to keep the ship afloat and get out to sea where it could be scuttled. But later they did not scuttle it.

I have found the BODY OF SECRETS to be an excellent book and it confirms a lot of what I know from my old Cold War studies and what the Russians and others got up to. I must tell you that I’m totally convinced the author of BODY OF SECRETS has nailed the real key relating to USS Liberty. His stuff is so good. His grasp of intelligence and military/political stuff is so good that I think he’s nailed it. I don’t think there is any more to this than what he is saying.

Furthermore, I see the lies continue to this day as to whether Israel knew or did not know it was a US ship. ISRAEL DEFINITELY KNEW UNQUESTIONABLY!!! The crew monitored several Israeli aircraft flying nearby or loitering nearby. There is other proof in the book that they knew exactly that this was a US spy ship. No doubt about it.


But Israel’s high level request to the US Govt to do damage control and hide the facts is why there is a mystery. The US immediately instituted a full coverup AT THE REQUEST OF ISRAEL! The Israelis said it would embarrass them and the Americans decided to help save them "embarrassment".

Of course the Israelis did not tell the USA they were busy with a holocaust in El Arish and they were killing Egyptian POWS en masse!!!

The Israelis were UNAWARE of the NSA’s spy plane! So the spy plane later slipped out and went back to Cyprus!

The NSA spy plane heard the radio signals of the Israelis. They heard the Israeli’s talking about attacking a ship with a US flag. The NSA heard it all. They did not know which ship it was but deduced it was the USS Liberty.

There was also an aircraft carrier in the area and planes were sent to help the ship … after some "bungling". When the planes were on the way to defend the ship, an order came from the USA that the planes must turn back. The Admiral was infuriated. This order came as a result of the Israelis having asked for the coverup.

So there are 911 types of elements in this story, and it’s truly a fascinating story.

These Jews who are screeching about genocide and slaughter … THEY KNOW HOW TO DO IT! It is described in the book … shooting people into graves … shooting people in cold blood.

But the real kicker, are the murders of the Egyptian POWS which could have run into the thousands on that day. That’s the real issue.

In Body of Secrets, the author also gives other reasons which show that even until today the NSA knows EVEN MORE … but never released it. The Author seems to have done a LOT of FOIA requests in order to get certain data for the book.

But I must tell you the whole story is a real bombshell, and I might well print certain parts relating to the USS Liberty. Is it FREAKY!

Of course the Israelis were out to murder the crew and sink the ship. That was their goal. I am amazed they failed because they had overwhelming numbers of planes as well as three torpedo boats. It almost speaks of Jewish incompetence that they failed to sink the boat, or (white) American excellence that they crew kept the ship afloat. The Israelis were shooting incessantly for hours on end intending to kill everyone. They were shooting the life rafts and the crew realised that if the ship sank and they got into the water, that THEY WOULD BE MOWED DOWN IN COLD BLOOD.

But there you have it. What a story … the UNTOLD STORY OF THE ISRAELI GENOCIDE OF THE EGYPTIAN POWS!!!!!!! Jews were busy with their own holocaust … and that story is the missing piece of the puzzle in the USS Liberty story!

As for Johnson, what a bag of shit he was.

I have come across the Israeli Jews before saying "we made a mistake". I have read where they massacred entire villages of people … during their wars and then afterwards they admit … yeah we did that … "but it was a mistake" … and then that’s the end of the affair!!! They claim it was a mistake and then that’s the end of it.

Race of practised liars!

Meanwhile they howl about genocide and holocaust … but they actually carry it out.

They even murdered UN personnel from India … in cold blood on that day!!!

All the Jewish killing and breaking of the rules of war … and not a peep about it.

You’ll never find an instance of Hitler’s armies breaking the rules of war. Never.

But yeah, the hidden secret of the Jews … busy murdering large numbers of Egyptians and not wanting the USA to know! And they succeeded. The USA might well know about it and decided to keep its mouth shut for its "good ally!!!"

What a load of nonsense.

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