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[Here the Jews are delighted by this. This is the same charge as they laid against me, the criminal charge of Crimen Injuria. World Jewry is busy with the greatest campaign of censorship in the history of the world. They had hundreds of books removed from Amazon and recently Jewish owned Facebook stopped all discussion of the holocaust. Across the Western world, and in South Africa, the Jews are running around prosecuting people and shutting them up. It's basically a campaign of censorship and intimidation all under the guise of "combating hate speech". And they define what is hate speech! The fake Jewish holocaust of WW2 is the ONLY historical event that people can go to jail for. The only one! That should send up some serious RED FLAGS! Europeans have gone to jail by the thousands for rejecting the Jewish nonsense stories. Professors, scientists, publishers and historians have pointed out the Jewish nonsense, and the Jews have then gone to destroy them! In the days when I was pro-Jewish, I also thought, yeah, the anti-semites are just jealous. It took me a long time to finally discover all the lies that are hidden away so carefully that the vast majority of the public don't know a thing about! All those pro-Jewish people out there who believe the Jews are the cute, sweet, people of God have no idea how many lies are hidden away!! Oh the lies! Entire libraries could be filled with the Jewish lies and crimes that have been cleverly removed from all circulation!!! Jews hate TRUTH and REALITY. Their most common method of revenge on those they don't like, is to lie about them. Hence all the demonisation of the Germans, Spanish and others. But in modern times their focus has been the Germans, though it was the Spanish who kicked them out for 500 years, and the British and French kicked them out for 300 years. They've been evicted 109 times from places in Europe, but a more comprehensive list puts it at over 1,000 evictions. There is probably not an inch of Europe that the Jews weren't kicked out of at one time. There is also probably not an inch of Europe where some white man has not perished in a war fighting either for or against the Jews. Jews are bringing back a veil of darkness and ignorance in the Western World because that is best for them. But you cannot progress based on LIES! The black guy below attacked the Jewish Board of Deputies, which is South Africa's ADL. Take note of Kahn saying that there are many other matters sitting in court … That will give you some basic idea that these Jews are busy shutting up South Africans of every race. Jan]

South African Jews celebrate first criminal conviction for online anti-Semitism

Local man had tweeted at Jewish umbrella group that the Holocaust would ‘be like a picnic when we are done with you Zionist bastards’; sentence to be handed down Friday

By RAPHAEL AHREN 27 October 2020, 6:34 pm 1

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Screenshots of two anti-Semitic tweets that have since been removed (screen grab)Screenshots of two anti-Semitic tweets that have since been removed (screen grab)

South African Jews this week celebrated what they said was an unprecedented criminal conviction, handed down for anti-Semitic Twitter posts calling for action against Jews worse than the Holocaust.

On Friday, the Randburg Magistrates Court found Matome Letsoalo guilty of crimen injuria — a crime defined as “unlawfully and intentionally impairing the dignity or privacy of another person” — for two tweets targeting the South African Jewish Board of Deputies (SAJBD).

“This was the first-ever criminal verdict in an anti-Semitism case in South Africa,” the group said in a statement.

Sentencing is set for Friday.

In June 2018, Letsoalo had tweeted: “@SAJBD The #Holocaust Will be like a Picnic When we are done with all you Zionist Bastards. Fuck All of You,” together with images of Holocaust victims and a swastika.

In a second tweet, Letsoalo — a man in his 20s from Polokwane, in the north of the country — wrote that the SAJBD “Must get Decimated. We Can’t have Scandanavian Rats, Fake Jews, Zionist Bastards Running our Economy.”

The SAJBD pressed charges against him at the time, leading Twitter to suspend the account. This week, the Jewish umbrella group hailed the court’s verdict as a vindication of its efforts.

“This outcome sends a strong message that threatening and hate-filled attacks on our community will not be tolerated and that the SAJBD will do everything necessary to bring those responsible to justice, no matter how long it takes,” the group’s chairwoman, Wendy Kahn, said.

SAJBD chair Wendy Kahn (courtesy)

“We are so delighted with the outcome of this case as it is the first time that we have gone the criminal route with an anti-Semitism case. This is an important precedent in terms of future anti-Semitism cases, including other matters that we have currently sitting in the courts,” she told The Times of Israel on Tuesday.

Kahn did not want to predict Letsoalo’s sentence, but stressed that the court clearly approached the matter with great seriousness. “Since this is a criminal case, it is led by a state prosecutor and not the SAJBD, and as such it was for him to address the magistrate on sentencing, which is a process that happened in chambers.”


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