#BS#Photos: Europe: Brave White Soldier stands up to the system: Common people support him!!

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#BS#[One of my supporters in Holland told me about this story. But here's the kicker from my Dutch supporter. He writes: "Anyway…the white pill is that despite the Belgian and Dutch government and media trying to vilify him and portraying him as a monster and a mad man he gets lots and lots of outcries of support from the public. They understand his rage against the bastards hammering us with these lockdowns." So this might be one White guy, who is a Right wing extremist, but lots of people support his actions. That's a very good sign. It seems he's written a suicide note, but he's taken some weaponry with him and he is a specialist. He has fought in Afghanistan. So he is dangerous. It will be sad if they kill him, which it seems they likely will. But he's had enough of this COVID crap. We all must do whatever we can to turn things around for our race. It would have been nice to have a guy like this in a future White army. But people like him should be remembered. They're doing the best they can. The really cool part is that lots of common people support his stand. TIMES ARE CHANGING AND WE ARE LEAVING GLOBALIST LIBERALISM! YAY!!!! Jan]

This is a photo of Jurgen Conings a right wing soldier who is standing up to the system.

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