Photo: WW2: Happy White people … A Horrific Story: The truly great tragedy of Germany and especially, Hitler…


[An American lady sent me this image, with these comments below. See my response to her further down. WW2, is one of the most despicable wars, ever conceived. But the British Empire’s invasion of the Boer Republics is very similar. Jan]

I replied to the American lady:
Very lovely. This is the true tragedy of WW2. The horrific true story of WW2 is COMMON WHITES, Germans – Whites without power, Whites without money, organising, working together as a team, organising, struggling and picking up the shattered pieces of their lives … succeeding AWESOMELY … only to be slaughtered like dogs. If you want the most unfair war ever perpetrated upon anyone, anywhere, then look no further than the Germans. Mind you, the Boers, also experienced a similar thing. In their case they were crushed and destroyed because unimaginable riches were discovered in the Boer republics. The extremely greedy Jews of Britain were able to motivate the power hungry British to come and destroy their lives. That too was a totally needless war perpetrated on Whites who weren’t doing a single thing wrong in this world. They were not doing a thing that was affecting the British.

And in that regard, Hitler himself, and even Goebbels and Goering, are figures who were massively maltreated. But Hitler in particular is a tragedy of unbelievable sadness. That a man, who lived a life of poverty, never stole anything from anyone, and lived by honest means and struggle, should arise in the face of the impossible despite everything thrown at him … and he was crushed out of existence and his incredible achievements hidden under piles of lies.

These are true tragedies. I don’t think, in the history of the world, that a talented man, of high genius, was ever treated worse, or lied about more, than Hitler.

That all us Whites, and that includes even my uncle who went to war, took part in such hideous action, is despicable. It is the time when Whites sank to their lowest.

We are a people who value competition and progress, but we’ve let our competitions among ourselves become too self destructive. We’re like a family, where one family member poisons another, and another one, murders another, and so forth.

Now we wonder why we are struggling. It is because we let the competition among ourselves get out of hand, to the point where we use non-Whites and we listen to Jews, and we ally ourselves with various non-Whites and Jews in order to destroy other Whites.

We’ve gone beyond the limit really.

We’ve taken our competition among ourselves TOO FAR … imagine if a sister poisoned her brother … and a father took an axe and killed his wife … how long would such a family survive?
Yet that is what we’ve done on our own.

Look at our history. We have used more violence against WHITES than we’ve ever dared to use against Jew or non-Whites.
That type of behaviour is insane.

I repeat, go and read history and you’ll see that WHITES have done more harm and used more violence against other Whites than we ever used against alien races – who themselves are our real enemies – by their own definition.

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