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[A fascinating story. What it shows me is that there healthy white American males who are keen to take things to the next level. Like so many before them, everywhere in the Western world, including South Africa, they're trying to start a war. Jews are busy trying to use one-sided violence using BLM and ANTIFA and getting away with it. Angry, patriotic white men are not able to pull off the same feat. This is partly because common whites do not have the necessary knowledge of how to actually get a war off the ground. Jews do know how and they know how to prosecute it even one-sidedly with you taking the hits and them taking none. What I like is the spirit of these white males. There is definite hope in this world. DEFINITELY. Sadly, we have to watch these good white American men going to jail. That's BAD. Sadly. We have a lot to do yet. Much work. But, keep on working on other whites … educating them … DON'T STOP! Jan]

The accused ringleader in the Gov. Gretchen Whitmer kidnap plan wanted to "take her out on a boat and leave her in the middle of Lake Michigan," an FBI agent testified Tuesday.

FBI Special Agent Richard Trask agent told a federal judge in detail how more than a dozen self-identified militia members plotted to kidnap Whitmer as part of a violent revolt against the government that included "firebombing" police cars in a parking lot.

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer speaks from Lansing on Monday, Aug. 17, 2020.
Trask identified 37-year-old Adam Fox as the ringleader of the group, and said that Fox ordered two surveillance operations of Whitmer’s vacation home.

After his Oct. 7 arrest, Fox told the FBI "his idea was to take (Whitmer) out in a boat and leave her out in the middle of Lake Michigan and disable the engine and just leave the boat," Trask testified.

Trask testified earlier in an affidavit that the goal was to take Whitmer to another state and try her for "treason."

The alleged plan was foiled as the FBI had tracked the militia members’ activities with the help of undercover informants and federal agents who had embedded themselves in the group.

Trask delivered his testimony in a packed courtroom in Grand Rapids, where five defendants arrived in handcuffs and belly chains for their detention hearings, during which a judge will decide whether to grant them bond or keep them jailed.

Trask is on the stand right now, outlining the government’s case against the suspect and offering new details, including an allegation that the group also plotted to "take out" Virginia’s governor due to his lockdown order.

According to Trask, the Michigan suspects are part of a larger group of militia members from at least five states who met online and recruited members through social media to help them carry out attacks against government officials. Specifically, he said, the members were upset with Whitmer and Virginia’s governor and had issues with their lockdown orders.

Among the groups involved in this alleged plot was the little-known Michigan militia known as the Wolverine Watchmen, Trask said, noting some of the group’s members showed up at Second Amendment rally at the state Capitol earlier this year. There, they met other militia members who came from other regions to grow the group, he said, adding the FBI had been watching the Wolverine Watchmen before the June 18 Second Amendment rally in Lansing.

In plot against Whitmer, ‘militia’ has become a loaded word

A kidnap, murder plot targeted Gretchen Whitmer. That’s no coincidence

Trask testified that a former Wolverine Watchmen member helped the FBI thwart the kidnap plot after blowing the whistle to local police on "potential violence" that the group was discussing.

"There was discussion about removing the governor and potentially swarming the Capitol. They also talked about attacking law enforcement officers," Trask testified.

At 11:05 am the court took a recess. In 15 minutes, court will resume with detention hearings, during which bond will be decided.

Bond decisions are expected Tuesday for:
Kaleb Franks, 26, of Waterford
Daniel Harris, 23, of Lake Orion
Brandon Caserta, 32, of Canton Township


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