Photo: Was this a JEW who DEFRAUDED JEWS? – Convicted fraudster Freddy David may lose home

[I was looking at this story. There seem to be quite a number of times when Jews even defraud other Jews. This might be such a case. I'm not 100% sure, but it looks like this might be the case. It would be quite funny if this Jew defrauded his fellow Jews. I remember when I had that Jewish friend that he was PARANOID about other people, including his own kind (Jews), stealing his ideas! It seems to me their greed goes beyond normal bounds. And its pretty cool when their own behaviour is self-destructive even to their own kind and they then need the Goyim's Police and courts to catch their own crooks. Look even at PM Netanyahu… even the Prime Minister of Israel is busy doing fraud. These people are born to steal I tell you. Jan]

Former HBFS boss defrauded 55 people – mostly Jewish and some of whom were members of his own Borehamwood community – out of a total of £14.5million.

October 4, 2019, 10:56 am

Fraudster Freddy David is facing the possible loss of his family home as prosecutors asked this week for valuation at preliminary assets hearing.

David, formerly of Hartfield Avenue, Elstree, is currently serving six years in prison after admitting last year to charges of obtaining a money transfer by deception and fraud by abuse of position.

A preliminary hearing into the David family’s assets at Southwark Crown Court on Thursday, attended by David’s wife, Hannah, but not by himself, focused on three properties. Mrs David owns half of each of two of the properties concerned, but there is no agreement about the ownership of the third.

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The prosecution has asked for a valuation to be made of the David family home before the next hearing, due to take place on 17 and 18 December.

A compulsive gambler, David defrauded 55 people – mostly Jewish and some of whom were members of his own Borehamwood community – out of a total of £14.5million.

He used the money to fund his gambling habit, and, between 2005 and 2017, paid for his children’s school fees and family holidays abroad.

As his fraudulent actions – carried out in parallel with legitimate business of his financial services company, HBFS – came closer to discovery, David set up a so-called “Ponzi scheme” in which he paid older creditors with the investment funds of newer victims.

Many of those he defrauded were said to be elderly and vulnerable, and some had invested their life savings with David.

In May, City watchdog the Financial Conduct Authority banned David for life from the financial sector, deeming him “not a fit and proper person”.

HBFS is in liquidation, and on Thursday Her Honour Justice Taylor, QC, received initial representations in a hearing to decide what assets remain to David.

Once that is agreed, a subsequent court hearing will consider what of those assets might be apportioned to his victims. It is understood that few of them will receive anything close to their original investment.


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