Photo: US: Black Female Professor: We Gotta Take These Motherf***ers Out: Professor Rages Against White People – My Comments

[Whites, start looking around, and look at the hatred aimed at you. I warn you, if the Jews and Blacks could dance on our corpses they would be happy. I've seen this here in Africa. Here, Blacks have openly spoken about "chasing the Whites into the sea". Beware … look after yourselves. Jews have opened the doors to this. And if these fools could defeat us, or kill us, they would not hesitate to do so. They would applaud each other and party and have victory dances to their own greatness. Beware of what Jews have unleashed in your midst. These people are nuts and crazy and look at how easily they turn on you and your country. The (((enemy within))) has been hard at work. At the source link below are short videos where this loud mouth talks her shit. She is obviously calling for the killing of Whites. She is a radical and an idiot. Jan]


Controversial Rutgers associate professor and author Dr. Brittney Cooper said last month that she wanted to “take these mothers***ers out,” referring to white people.

The educator’s general tirade against white people included a claim from Cooper that whites are “committed to being villains” and asserting that the world was going swimmingly until “white people showed up being raggedy and violent and terrible and trying to take everything from everybody.”

“White people thought, ‘there is a world here, and we own it,’” Cooper said during a conversation with The Root, The College fix reported.

“So they think black people gonna get them back,” she continued. “And I wouldn’t be mad at the black people who want to get them back,” she added, “but what I believe about black people is that we have seen what a shit show this iteration of treatment of other human beings means and that my hope is that we would do it differently in the moments when we have some power.”

Whites believe, Cooper said, “either you dominate or you are dominated.”

When Cooper was asked what black people should “expect” from whites, the author exclaimed, “What kind of question is that?”

“The thing I want to say to you is that we gotta take these motherf***ers out,” she disclosed, “but like, we can’t say that, right?”

“I don’t believe in a project of violence. I truly don’t,” Cooper continued. “Because in the end, I think our souls suffer from that. And I do think some of this is spiritual condition.”

“The world didn’t start when white people arrived in America and tried to tell all the rest of us how things are going to go,” Cooper told the Root. “There were people out here making worlds – Africans and indigenous people being brilliant, and libraries, and inventions, and vibrant notions of humanity, and cross-cultural exchange long before white people showed up being raggedy and violent and terrible and trying to take everything from everybody.”

Last May, Cooper made headlines when she published a Twitter thread blaming Trump supporters for black Americans apparently disproportionately dying from COVID.

“Not only do white conservatives not care about Black life, but my most cynical negative read of the white supremacists among them is that they welcome this massive winnowing of Black folks in order to slow demographic shifts and shore up political power,” she wrote.

“F*** each and every Trump supporter. You all absolutely did this. You are to blame,” Cooper added.

The professor also notably disparaged conservative Christian men and women in 2015, writing at Salon that the “white, blond-haired, blue-eyed, gun-toting, Bible-quoting Jesus of the religious right” “might be ‘biblical’ but he’s also an a**hole,” The Daily Wire highlighted.


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