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[Someone said again that Trump is Jewish and that it is through his mother. His mother seems to me to be Scottish. Her surname was MacLeod. She was born in a remote part of Scotland. I see no reason to believe she was Jewish in any way. In fact, she's an attractive looking lady who raised 5 kids. I see no reason to believe she is Jewish. In the article below, which itself seems to be written by Jewish scum, they themselves say he's not Jewish. I see nothing to indicate that Trump himself is from the race of rats – unless maybe there's something Jewish about his father. But definitely nothing that I can see about his mother. She definitely does not look Jewish in any way. Jan]

What Jewish antecedents, if any, does President Donald trump have?
On his father’s side:
The Trump family came from Kallstadt which is near Alsace and the French border. They appear to have been vineyard cultivators. The Heinz family also came from Kallstadt and the Trumps are related to them.

The Heinz family traditionally had good relations with the Jewish community. The present heiress, Teresa Heinz Kerry, is the wife of John Kerry but NOT a physical descendants of the Heinz family.

The famous Jewish Rabbi, Rashi (1040-1105), was also a vine-grower and producer of wine. He dwelt in Troyes, Champagne, Northeast France, which is to the west of Germany but not that far away.

Jews were prominent in viticulture (wine vines, etc) in those areas in early Medieval times. Later persecutions and decrees forced the Jews to abandon this trade.

Jews in this region were often attacked and forced upon pain of death to convert to Christianity. If Trump is descended from Jews it could be that he descends from Jewish growers of the vine and producers of wine.
The grandfather of Donald, Friederich TRUMP (Fred Trump senior), came to the USA at the age of 16. Eventually he entered the saloon business with a partner, Ernest Levin.

This was the beginning of the Trump fortune. Levine is a Russian Jewish name. It means Levi. Fred later returned to Germany, married Elizabeth Christ and then went back to the USA.

The son of Fred and father of Donald was Frederick Christ ("Fred") TRUMP. The mother of Donald was born as Mary Anne MACLEOD in the Isle of Lewis, Scotland.

Both parents of Donald Trump spent their last minutes at Long Island Jewish Medical Center. The father of Donald, Fred Trump Junior, had contributed money to Jewish Religious and non-Religious institutions.
Donald previously claimed Swedish ancestry though later he admitted that his forefathers came from Kallstadt, in Germany.
The now deceased brother of Donald was known as "Freddy. " At College "Freddy" joined a Jewish fraternity. He said that his father was Jewish.

The mother of Donald, Mary Anne Trump (born MACLEOD), came from the Island of Lewis in the Hebrides, Scotland. The Hebrides Islands are near the Orkney Islands and are often associated with them.

A portion of these people were associated in the past with Jews.

A Latin chronicle, "Historia Norwegiae," Chapter VI (‘Concerning the Orkney Islands’) from the 1200s CE describes the population of the Orkneys at the time of annexation by Norway.

There were two different peoples, the Pap and the Peti. The Papi had Jewish customs.

It was

"… observed from their habit and the writings of their books abandoned there, [that] they were Africans, adhering to Judaism."

Donald Trump grew up with Jews, associated with them, gave money to their causes, and employed them. He is quoted as preferring Religious Orthodox Jews:

"The only kind of people I want counting my money are little short guys that wear yarmulkes [Jewish skull caps] every day."

Ivanka Trump, the daughter of Donald, converted to Orthodox Judaism in 2009. She married an Orthodox Jew, Jared Kushner. They now have three children.

Donald Trump speaks with pride concerning his Jewish grandchildren. Ivanka is said to contribute to Chabad, to Jewish Ritual Baths [mikvaoth], and to Jewish Medical Emergency Aid services.

Ivanka observes the Sabbath and the dietary laws.

The eldest son of Donald is Donald Trump Jr. He married model Vanessa Kay Haydon who is reported to be of Jewish and Danish descent. They have 5 chidren.
Another son of Donald, Eric Frederick Trump, married Lara Lea Yunaska under a "crystal-embellished chuppah" i.e. a Jewish marriage canopy.

Lara Lea is also reported to be Jewish and worked for a Jewish news service.

Donald Trump says the Bible as his favorite book


Is Trump Hebrew?


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