Photo: The Wignats Were Right – Andrew Anglin is wrong about everything…

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[This is an interesting commentary from Occidental Dissent. I did not know how bad Andrew's track record has been lately. He did great work in the past, but I think he lacks a certain depth. I followed him for a while on Gab, and I was quite surprised at the things he posted. I had expected him to be deeper. He also moved away from National Socialism and became a MAGA type … which is rather childish. There is no easy way out. As Alex Linder says: THERE IS NO WAY OUT EXCEPT THROUGH THE JEWS! Agreed. If you are serious, then at some point you discover the Jews are working to destroy you. Weev who works with him has long been known to be Jewish. And Weev is weird. It was Weev who got them thrown off Gab for making statements about violence and killing. Like Mussolini, and maybe Trump, Anglin needs to stop having Jews close to him. As for the Jew Kushner, Trump's  son-in-law … he's BAD NEWS too. Jan]

I have no idea why people listen to this guy.

Andrew Anglin is a paid GOP shill. He was wrong about literally everything.

After four years of discouraging people from engaging in street activism on behalf of our own cause, Andrew Anglin is now telling people to get out into the streets because Jared Kushner’s absurd strategy and messaging cost Trump an election he could have easily won.

Devote your life to being a professional protester for Donald Trump who before he lost the 2020 election wouldn’t give you the time of day and wanted to give blacks $500 billion dollars.

Just last week, it was going to be a Trumpslide.

But now you need to get out there in the streets with Antifa and Black Lives Matter. It made no sense to do it when Donald Trump actually was the president, but now with Joe Biden becoming president it makes perfect sense. Also, the only people telling you this isn’t a great idea are FEDS!

Join Andrew Anglin and Weev on the frontlines.

They will be cheering you on from some remote location where they live these days off anonymous Bitcoin donations. No one quite knows where because no one ever saw them in the Trump era.


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