Photo: Thank you from a Rhodesian to the French: FRANCE helped Rhodesia & Apartheid South Africa the MOST!

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[Here are some excerpts from an email that I wrote to a Frenchman who was sending me some material about the Jewish scum. Jan]

Below on the right is a French civilian Alouette III helicopter gunship. These lovely weapons flew over our farm often on their way to go killing our black enemies! These wonderful machines kept us alive more than anything else!

Excerpts from my email:-

It’s a pleasure brother. It is really nice to meet a FRENCHMAN who is communicating with us. I don’t know if you know that I am an enormous fan of Napoleon. The European history I’ve studied the most and was fascinated with from the time I was a teenager in Rhodesia was Napoleon.

I was utterly fascinated by the French and Napoleon and how your people just kicked ass across Europe, just like people are fascinated by the Germans now.

I have a very soft spot for Napoleon.

Are you aware that Napoleon was poisoned by the f*cking Jewish controlled British? That to me is a crime that never gets enough attention.

Do you know that the same island that the British murdered Napoleon on is the same island they later sent Boers to?

Also, I don’t know if you’ve watched some of my videos about the wars in Africa (many more to come).

But during the time Rhodesia and South Africa and the Portuguese fought in Africa YOU FRENCH WERE OUR BEST FRIENDS. France helped us the most of any country.

In Rhodesia we mostly drove French and Japanese cars. Those and Italian cars were the only cars we could buy.

I have much to tell people about the incredible help all us whites in Africa got from France.

I also met French people in Canada and I liked them a lot. They struck me as more energetic than the British there.

In fact, one English Canadian told me how much of the critical stuff in Canadian history was done by the French. He was of British descent but he appreciated the accomplishments of the French in Canada.

I also know how the French Canadians were cheated out of seceding from Canada.

But with regard to Rhodesia and South Africa, FRANCE was the greatest nation that allowed us to live.

If you are not aware of this, I can show you clear examples of French weapons and French science that kept us alive.

As a Rhodesian, I can tell you the single vehicle that kept us alive, to which we owed our EXISTENCE was the French Civilian helicopter the Alouette III.

That weapon flew over our farm when I was a kid. Those helicopters kept us alive like you cannot believe.

Those French Allouettes killed blacks like you cannot believe.

The Rhodesians and South Africans killed large numbers of blacks with those helicopters.
Rhodesia wanted the French Puma helicopter but even France could not sell it to us.
However, in South Africa, the French Puma helicopters were all over the show. Wonderful machines.

France was the No 1 European nation that allowed us to live. The West Germans helped quietly behind the scenes also as did the Italians and the Spanish.

It was France and France alone that gave South Africa Atomic Energy – not stupid Israel.

It is really nice to find a Jew-exposing Frenchman who is willing to interact with me.

I will catch up on your material. And always, feel free to send me your material in French and English. I will post both.

Take care

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