Photo: SICKENING Jews at work: Brave Alison Chabloz – arrested 4 times – in Police detention for 48 hours

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3 South African cities now rank among the 20 most violent in the world
This is an international report that was published recently. At this source link you‘ll see some interesting charts and statistics. South Africa was never like this under Apartheid.

[I have nothing but the UTMOST, deepest admiration for poor Alison Chabloz (as well as for that poor old German lady who challenged the Jewish holocaust lie whose been sent to prison). As a man, I feel its HIDEOUS that we WHITE MALES are so utterly POWERLESS that we can’t go and flipping tear down the jails and Police stations to get these white women out! Its DISGUSTING the POWERLESSNESS of us white men. We must do everything in our power in the years ahead to change this matter.

I have wished so many times we could just blow freaking holes through the jail walls to save white heroes like Matt Hale and Dylann Roof (sentenced to death by a Jewish judge). These people are our heroes.

It sickens me to see whites going to jail, especially like these white women who’ve probably never committed the slightest crime in their entire lives! But the Jewish system goes after any white person standing up for the slightest little thing. In Alison’s case her “crime” is a satirical song about the Jewish holocaust lie. And … look at what they’re doing to her? She’s very brave. Jan]

This is the photo Alison posted after her recent ordeal – Brave as always!

Alison posted this message:

Alison Chabloz
8 hrs ·

Spirited greetings to all after 48 hours detention including four arrests, one de-arrest, six hours’ custody at Charing Cross (Desk Sergent: Alison, you’re definitely not the usual kind of customer we get in here).

Bundled into police van, filthy, freezing cold, no seat belt, no seat! Three hours of hell to Chesterfield then car to Buxton. Finally charged at eleventh hour for causing yet more musical gross offence to delicate flowers desperate to see me detained on remand for alleged breach of bail.

Court hearing in Chesterfield this morn. Great lawyer. Not guilty plea. New charges transferred back down to Westminster Mags for legal argument hearing October 25th. No change to bail conditions.

Loveliest court guard was as happy as me: You’re saying everything that everyone thinks but daren’t say out loud.

I made it quite plain in my interview that if the authorities wish to lock up a politically incorrect singer, then they can go ahead.

Good luck to them.

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