Photo: Excellent American humor: White Racists see Black men… but I see…

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Video & Audio: WW3: Putin‘s next step: Setting Africa on fire: Sudan - Russia & China‘s only...
In February 2023 I made a prediction that Putin will need to start conflicts on other continents, especially Africa.

Here is some older American humor. And it’s damned funny. I wrote the following to the American who sent it to me:-
I burst out laughing at that!
As someone who lives in Africa, this is seriously funny.
Only a Jew would say … I see a lawyer, scientist, etc.
Only a Jew would talk such a lot of blatant crap.
Jews will lie straight into your face without even thinking twice about it.
Bunch of garbage. How our race ever got to listening to them and their crap is something I don’t know.

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