Photo: Excellent American humor: White Racists see Black men… but I see…


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Video & Audio: Loving Life: Jans personal discussions with President PW Botha
In 2006 as a result of my book, Government by Deception and my website AfricanCrisis, I made contact with former President PW Botha. He was very nice to me and he began phoning me. I published articles of things he told me about. He was so impressed with my accuracy when I wrote on my website what he told me, that he later invited me to stay at his house for 5 days. In this interview, I discuss some of the things that PW Botha and I discussed, and what he told me.

Here is some older American humor. And it’s damned funny. I wrote the following to the American who sent it to me:-
I burst out laughing at that!
As someone who lives in Africa, this is seriously funny.
Only a Jew would say … I see a lawyer, scientist, etc.
Only a Jew would talk such a lot of blatant crap.
Jews will lie straight into your face without even thinking twice about it.
Bunch of garbage. How our race ever got to listening to them and their crap is something I don’t know.

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Lots of Photos: NAZI Gassings!!
This is a link to the Wayback Machine where you can see a wonderful old website with mountains of photos and articles about the enormous Jewish hoax of the holocaust. NAZIGASSINGS was a wonderful little website in it‘s day. You can still see many photos and stories on this page.

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