Photo: Black Communist Nonsense: Fooling Blacks with Christianity: God Anointed Mnangagwa To Lead Nation, Claims Zanu PF Official – My Comments

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[The black commies are actually atheists. But from time to time, they try to see how dumb their electorate is, and they haul out Christianity, and they try to use it against the blacks. In this case, Manangagwa, was the late Mugabe's top murderer-in-chief. And now Manangagwa is in charge of Zimbabwe. These are the communists we Rhodesians fought the most intensely: ZANU PF. The PF stands for "Patriotic Front", which was a black alliance of all the blacks against the whites in the time of Rhodesia. Their stupid country is falling apart, which I LOVE. And they're trying to hold whatever rags together, so they're trying this nonsense. In South Africa, the filthy Jewish-blessed ANC (African National Congress) of the piece of shit, Nelson Mandela, have used the same trick. Winnie Mandela, a bag of shit in her own right, even said: The ANC will rule South Africa until Jesus comes. Many have repeated the Jesus line here in SA. In the Bible you will find that Christians have agreed to always support whomever is in power, hence you'll find statements like: "Render unto Caesar that which belongs to Caesar". Read the nonsense below and you'll see how these supine, weak black Christian idiots also bow down to power and how they lick the boots of these commies. Jan]

ZANU-PF central committee member and former senator Clemence Makwarimba last week pulled all bootlicking stops and went on an unhinged praising spree of President Emmerson Mnangawa, describing him as God-sent as proven by his ‘remarkable’ response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Makwarimba said that God knew that coronavirus will come to Zimbabwe and send President Mnangagwa to fight it and protect the people.

Makwarimba, who was given a platform to give a vote of thanks after Vice President Mohadi’s visit to Masvingo, said Mnangagwa’s government was anointed by God, adding that the coronavirus will not devastate the country as it did to others.

“God sent us President Mnangagwa.

It was God’s will that he is in power and people did as God wanted. If you look at the number of our Covid-19 cases, they show that President Mnangagwa has conquered.

“Most cases are imported and we have only recorded four deaths which were all a result of imported cases. There are very few local transmissions and that is not by chance but by wisdom from the man that God sent us.

“We should thank this government because if it were not for them, we would have all perished,” said Makwarimba.

He said President Mnangagwa will not campaign for the 2023 elections as his efforts in the fight against Covid-19 had already earned him clean victory.

Makwarimba once served as Masvingo Rural District Council (RDC) Chief Executive Officer (CEO).
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