Philadelphia: City of Jews & Blacks: Blacks smashing statues… Jews at war in Trump’s 2nd Term?


A reader wrote this to me:
Keep up the good racial work.

Things are getting disgusting around Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Nigs are vandalizing statues everywhere. Society looks like it will collapse soon. They’re going to riot again when Trump gets re elected.

I responded as follows:
I’m keen to see how things go. I’ll post your note. I want to see if the violence continues AFTER Trump is re-elected. This is very fascinating. If they continue with that, then they’re only screwing it up for themselves. If they want to turn Trump’s 2nd term into a War, then so be it. I think on the whole, its good that they’re going crazy because it must surely be causing many white Americans to begin asking questions. I have another friend in Philly. He told me the blacks were rioting in his street. Philly I was told is filled with Jews and blacks … so bummer. But leave the Jews to continue with their shit. I think it will make whites question things, just like COVID is making whites, especially in Europe question things!

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