Pathetic Prof E. Michael Jones can’t handle a lying Jew – Jewish lies beat logic – My Comments


[One of my supporters sent me this with the analysis below. Look at what Jones says about if a black goes to Poland? He's too weak. He knows so much, but like all these intellectual types he so utterly weak. 

The lying Jew out manoevres him. Jewish sophistry beats white logic and facts 99.9% of the time. One either needs to shut them up, or run them out of the country or do away with them. Any time you work on HARD FACTS you have a problem. The Jew can think up 100 lies in no time at all … based on pure Jewish nonsense and imagination. Whereas your facts might take years, even decades to assemble. 
Whites need to get serious if we want to beat the Jews. First of all, don't even waste your time speaking to them. They spend their entire lives learning how to twist and lie and invent believable lies. You cannot put out the flames fast enough. And the lying Jewish scum know that. Jan]

The E. Michael Jones Irrational Spirit

“It’s because you’re White!”

Jones justifies the Jew attack on Whites by rationalizing (((their))) tactics. He chides the reality of race itself, rather than countering the kikejew.

Recently, Jones stated that a black African who learns Polish and Polish ways, and who lives in Poland – is therefore Polish! Amazing irrationality from an otherwise erudite observer.

Jones has never understood that Jews are not revolutionaries – that they use revolution; Jews are not socialists – they use socialism; Jews are not capitalists – they use capitalism; ad infinitum.

Jews are a Crime Syndicate Cult.
Jews are natural criminals.
Jones loves them!

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