PATHETIC CHINA 50 YEARS LATER: China’s pathetic space/rocket science versus the USA and Soviet Union of the 1960s

I don’t subscribe to the notion that the USA did not go to the moon. That’s just garbage. And if you look carefully, you’ll see that all other nations are following this. The Japanese and Europeans have sent space craft to asteroids and now pathetic China finally got a lander on to the Moon.

A Chinese lander landed on earth with a tiny amount of moon dust. Big wank!

The USA has already been to the moon several times and here in 2020, 50 years later, we have China finally making it to the Moon. Now in 2020 they got 2 Kg of moon rocks back.

But the Russians were on the Moon in the late 1960s and they brought back moon rocks the same way. I don’t know which of the Russian Luna missions brought back Moon rocks, but they were here by at least 1970.

So Chinese achieves the same thing FIFTY YEARS later. So what if it’s on the back of the Moon? Hardly a feat especially FIFTY YEARS LATER … when the USA has already sent spacecraft out of the Solar System. The furthest Voyager has reached 21 billion km from the Sun. The furthest man-made object AND it is still working sending back results.

The Japanese have returned dust from an Asteroid, a MUCH GREATER FEAT. See:

The Soviet Union brought back its first dust from the Moon with Luna 16:

Some of the Russian moon dust recently sold for a large amount of money:

So please do NOT listen to the Jewish squealing about how great COMMUNIST CHINA IS. Oh Please!

AND Russia and the USA were only able to get into space because of the GERMAN NAZIS who were responsible for all of this.


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