PANICKING DYING JEWS: EXCELLENT: NEW Weaknesses found in the Jewish lies about Auschwitz Gassing…

[This is an excellent new find, and it seems an Italian Architect really found this one. This is excellent. Yet more holes, in the Jewish lies. What impresses and delights me, is the solidness of the work of the whites who gently, and very thoroughly are dismantling the Jewish lies. I like this scientific thoroughness. 

I did once watch a video of a presentation by Ditlieb Felderer. I really had to take my hat off to this guy for the way he moved around Auschwitz, and the thoroughness with which he went and studied every conceivable angle. He made many unique discoveries. I think he deserves some good credit for the work he did. He found lots of detailed holes in the Jewish stories. But its detailed stuff … you need to be interested in all sorts of aspects of the things the Jews claim. e.g. People who were going to be gassed had to walk from one place through another room. And if I recall correctly, the Germans actually stored coal there. (I'm writing from memory, so bear with me). But my point is that Ditlieb found all sorts of interesting things that just add to the madness of the Jewish story … it can't possibly be true. 

But I really like this finding by the Italian architect. He raises a very important point: The panicking dying Jews… I recall, the first time I read about the holohoax in some detail was in the Readers' Digest in the 1970s I think in Rhodesia. I recall the vivid story being told of how the Germans poured in the pellets which produced the cyanide to kill the Jews. What never left my mind was the story that was told that at the end of this, when all the Jews were dead, when they went into the gassing room, all the Jews were piled on top of each other like a pyramid as they climbed on the corpses to get to the light to get away from the poison. 

Like all the Jewish lies, these things change with time and nobody talks about that image any more of Jews piled up neatly like a pyramid as they scramble to get to the air. It's clearly all nonsense. But it made a deep impression on me at the time when I first read it. 

This brings me to the issue of the PANIC. If you are all about to die, do you just stand around and die? Well even by the lying Jewish accounts, clearly not. And herein lies the key. How much would you panic? And if you panicked what could that mass of people do in their fear as one pushes on the other? 

So this is a very important point. The PANIC of the about to die or dying Jews. 

These are the complications that come from the stupid gassing story. 

Furthermore, now that I know more, there is also no mention of how the cyanide gas is cleared out after the gassing. Because if you open a door, doesn't the gas then move elsewhere? I'll publish some details about cyanide gas, and then you'll see that the Jewish junk about gassing becomes ever more improbable because this gas would have posed a threat to the Germans in the camp. You would have people dying or becoming ill by accident. 

This is just more proof that the Jews are lying through their teeth. Race of scum. Jan]


Survivor stories about the ‘gas chambers’ have become one of the main reasons for doubting the entire ‘Holocaust’ itself. Read below for a new reason NOT to believe.

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