Our border is WIDE OPEN: More INSANE footage from Biden’s OVERRUN border as Abbot adds $2B to STOP the FLOOD


[There are a lot of tweets with visuals at the links below. Jan]

You saw our breaking post earlier on the total collapse of control at the southern border and declaration of crisis in Del Rio.

In the hours since Scoop posted, more video has been coming out, including but not exclusively from the intrepid Bill Melugin. Lib outlets are very slightly starting to notice the story, but spinning it as they will.

Also in that time, Gov. Greg Abbot has signed a bill authorizing $2 billion for the state to fight the flood and secure the drowning border.

More footage from the collapse of sovereignty.

Yeah some of the libs are reporting it now. But make no mistake, they are going to use this to HELP Biden, not hurt him. They call it a “humanitarian” crisis so he has cover for just letting everyone in. (What’s that? Covid tests you say? Ha ha ha no.)

Source: https://therightscoop.com/our-border-is-wide-open-more-insane-footage-from-bidens-overrun-border-as-abbot-adds-2b-to-stop-the-flood/

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