ONLY IN SOUTH AFRICA: VICIOUS GHOSTS: Black Cops abandon Police station for several days

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[This is totally serious. The Black cops are afraid of GHOSTS! Black Police abandoned their Police station because they say they are under attack from "Vicious Ghosts". I wish we could get the ghosts to scare all the cops and politicians away. It seems to me this could work. For the record they say that the ghosts walk loudly like a big elephant. Actually, elephants have very sensitive feet and an elephant walks extremely quietly. The Blacks don't even know the reality about elephants. Isn't it sickening that we are ruled by these worthless people? That they are our bosses? That we are, apparently, their equals? It's so disgusting. I don't laugh at this. I regard it as disgusting that these are our equals who rule over us. That is like spitting into the face of nature. Jan]

Limpopo cops driven out of haunted station by ‘vicious ghosts’

When there’s something strange in your neighbourhood, who you gonna call? Not these cops!

Limpopo cops driven out of haunted station by ‘vicious ghosts’

Officers working at Relela Police Station abandoned it for days following an allegedly vicious attack by ghosts.

It allegedly took place a few days before Christmas and New Year. The last incident, according to the officers, was last weekend soon after stage 6 load shedding.

Police feared ghost attack

The officers said they had to abandon the station as they feared the vicious ghosts would attack them. They drove around Relela until dawn because the ghosts had turned the station into their playground, they said.

Instead of going to the Tzaneen Police Station to report it, their first stop was at this journalist’s house.

“What I have seen last night is despicable,” said one of the officers in a trembling voice.

The officers spoke on condition of anonymity. “Our cop shop is invaded by ghosts,” said one.

The station is located in a grove of mango trees in Relela village near Relela bus stop in the Bolobedu South area.

Old graves

It is surrounded by old graves belonging to a family which relocated to the other side of the village. “During the day the station is a cool place to work because of the breeze from the trees. But during cloudy or raining nights, the ghosts strike.

“They usually start unleashing their reign of terror behind the station and in the toilets,” said a terrified officer.

“Soon after you sit down on the toilet seat, you feel a gentle wind blowing through the door. Later on tree branches surrounding the toilets start shaking. This is accompanied by cries of unusual wild animals.

“The next thing is the lights. They go on and off. There are loud footsteps moving around the toilets and the yard, but you cannot see anyone. The footsteps are similar to a giant elephant’s,” said the officer.

A villager, who runs a small business at Relela bus stop, but asked for his name to be withheld, said it was an open secret that ghosts were running amok at night in and around the police station.

Provincial police spokesperson Brigadier Motlafela Mojapelo could not deny or confirm these reports.


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