Only in South Africa: (Black?) Man dies while attempting to steal fuel from high-pressure pipeline

[He lacked a knowledge of physics! Jan]

CAPE TOWN –Transnet has confirmed the death of a person who was allegedly tampering with the Kendal to Waltloo petroleum pipeline on Wednesday morning.

Transnet Pipelines CEO Michelle Phillips said Transnet activated an emergency response plan in the early hours of Wednesday when the National Operating Centre (NOC) detected a loss in pressure on the Kendal to Waltloo petroleum pipeline.

“The security teams were activated immediately and discovered tampering at the block valve chamber with an unidentified deceased person inside. The incident was accordingly reported to the authorities and an inquest docket has been opened.

“The incident is currently under investigation,” Phillips said.

The death brings the number of fatalities to seven over the past three years.

“This incident is a harsh reminder to perpetrators of the dangers associated with tampering with the high pressure petroleum pipelines and their infrastructure. Their actions have resulted in fatalities, serious injuries, fire, explosions, environmental damage and other asset damage.

“Should the criminal activities continue, more people could die,” Phillips said.

She added that Transnet, with the co-operation of all the law-enforcement agencies, was committed to halting the onslaught of criminal activities and keeping its strategic infrastructure as well as all the communities safe.


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