One of Hitler’s great achievements: A poor, manual labourer who self-educated himself to be a Great Leader

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[This is from an email I sent to someone about the idiot Bjerkness. Jan]

… This is just like that f*cking fool, Bjerkness who is talking crap about Hitler being a tool of the Jews. Anyone who has the slightest knowledge about Hitler would know that Hitler and the German leadership are the most honest, loyal "elite", that our entire race has seen, probably since the Roman Empire. Our current elite, a bunch of scum, sellouts and greedy little businessmen, who deserve to be lynched, cannot be compared to Hitler and those around him. I’m busy reading a fascinating book from 1896, and no sooner had I begun reading it than I said to myself: Hitler must DEFINITELY have READ THIS BOOK! Unquestionably, even though there is no official record of it. I say that because a number of quotes from Hitler could ONLY have come from having read and understood that book. So I began delving into what books did Hitler read. I know Leon Degrelle has said that Hitler read every book in the library at Linz, and others say, as the Fuhrer, Hitler had a library of at least 16,000 books. He was a total bookworm. Hitler is probably the greatest example of a SELF EDUCATED White man you can get. Napoleon also pored over books. But Hitler’s book reading is just simply in a class of its own. How a man who did physical labour spent every moment that he could spare educating himself until he could lead a nation and even create an Empire bigger than Napoleon. Hitler’s Empire is the greatest European Empire since the Roman Empire. Now you have some fool claiming Hitler was a tool of the Jews. I’m personally hunting for some info on Bjerkness’s own background, because I’d like to know where does this idiot come from? Is he linked to Jews, etc? I think I did post something a long time back about him being linked to Jews.

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