Noam Chomsky – Filthy old evil Jew still at it…


One of the first Jews that I learned to absolutely abhor and detest about 30 years ago, before I even thought of Jews was the American Jewish Professor Noam Chomsky. He was busy writing articles that the South African Communist Party was publishing. I was wondering why these communists would publish the work of a "White" American professor?

Meanwhile Chomsky is a filthy old Jewish communist who is so slick that he can talk his Bolshevik shit. He fakes it as a Liberal in America. He’s extremely sly. He’s also a big trouble maker. But Whites with a Green background or Liberal background can be fooled by this super smoothe old Jewish bag of crap.

I see that this old Jewish scumbag is really old now, and almost dead, but not yet. Sadly. I’m amazed this old Jewish bag of crap is still busy talking his shit and people are listening to his crap.

He’s a devious old piece of shit. He’s as slick that the Jew Dershowitz, the lawyer whose had sex with underage girls.

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