NEWS VIDEO: Croatia: Worst Earthquake in 140 years plus the Corona Virus…


[What a bummer for our Slavic brothers and sisters in Croatia. A lot of damage from this quake, while its still cold as well, and then the stupid Corona Virus nonsense on top of it. I see that a lot of buildings suffered damage, especially Churches. Nasty stuff. 

I wonder if the mountainous country has some kind of fault lines beneath it? I never knew it was susceptible to quakes. Nature is scary… and ruthless.
Earthquakes kill. I've had a friend in California tell me that in a quake, round about 1970, that it was so violent that the water was being thrown out of the toilet.


div>After a quake, because of the danger of aftershocks, which can strike at any time, even weeks later, it is best to stay outside. This is the only negative about brick buildings is quakes. We in SA also have only brick buildings. Jan]

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