[This is from a lady I've known for long who has links to the military. This is her info on the ground. I am really hoping that the conservatives/whites/gun owners can stand firm. This is important. All whites need guns and we need even MORE than we currently have … EVERYWHERE. This lady does not live in VA, but she has family there.  Jan]

I have a cousin who lives in Chester, VA. She is twenty miles south of Richmond, VA. We were on the phone this morning for three hours.

She was a nun until it came to the final vows, then she left and joined the USMC. She has bigger balls than her husband.

Anyway, the NRA members were there this pass week, I think it was a couple thousand. The scum-bag governor wants a war, he may get it, he has all kinds of fences put up in Richmond. Thinks he will capture gun owners. He needs to think twice- – Virginia has a lot of Navy and Marine Vets. Antifa is suppose to show up (“queer-bait” in my book) to try to start something. They are mostly teachers and professors. They use hammers to hit people on the head and break the scull. Some are serving 6 years for that stunt. Militias plan to show up, National Guardsmen won’t back the governor.

Trump’s plan on shutting down the GPS signals is a good move, in affect from 16th of Jan to the 24th Jan. Communications by cells maybe shut down too. Tomorrow will tell. The UN has advertising ads to hire people to be there to cause shit. May have a False Flag event.

West Virginia has invited the 90 2nd Amendment Counties to join the state of West Virginia.

That would leave Virginia only 5 counties for the state… it can be done.

People have been stocking up on supplies, food, etc., before the 16th of Jan. Also there are a lot of veterans there. Guns are loaded.

Dave Hodges will have some people on the ground tomorrow – doing a live stream for his show. Will have more info then.

Basically, the Democrats are trying to do a coup with the hoax impeachment and are too stupid to know when to quit. In time, the Democrats will be arrested and tried for treason…. a hanging or firing squad is the price they will pay.


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