Napoleon & the Jews: Napoleon’s INTENSE HATRED for Military Contractors

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In this video we take a really close look at what the Jews and the Russians taught the Blacks who wanted to fight the Whites in South Africa. What exactly did the Jews, like Joe Slovo, tell the Blacks? What exactly were the Russians hoping to achieve in southern Africa in general and in South Africa in particular? How do the Blacks of southern Africa view Putin today and the Russians now?

I once did a video about Napoleon and the Jewish scum of Europe. As always, a White man tries to solve a problem, but the Jews lie and cheat and undermine the effort. It’s not different to the rabid nation destroying Jews of modern America.

In his final years, Napoleon stated clearly, and this was written down by several people who knew him, that the Jews were truly despicable scum.

But Napoleon was constantly ENRAGED by "Contractors". These contractors were people/businesses who were supposed to produce things for the French Army. What is not clear, is how many of these contractors were Jews. There is no way of knowing if some, or most or all of them were Jews. But I suspect there had to have been some Jews among them at least.

Anyhow, different authors, who worked with Napoleon closely for years and who knew him very well, wrote about how much he HATED Military Contractors. They drove him nuts.

It is clear when I read about the life of Napoleon that like Hitler, he despised these "Business people". They drove him up the wall.

Normal Whites are NOT really that big into business. We all have a type of natural, militaristic outlook on life. I see this over and over again in our race – right to the modern day. We draw the line where business must STOP. Profit-at-any-cost is NOT one of our values.

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